Never put any data on websites without first taking these precautions

What to do before putting information on the Internet

It must be taken into account that our personal information they have great value on the network, so they can use different strategies to steal information. For example, one thing they can do is use web pages to collect that data. They can be insecure sites or legitimate pages but they have managed to attack.

take a good look at the url

The first thing you should do is take a good look at the url of the page. Are you going to put your data on a secure site or could it be false? Sometimes hackers might create web pages that pretend to be real, but are actually a scam. Therefore, knowing the address of the site you are trying to enter is essential.

Observe that the address is correct and avoid problems. If you see that there is something strange, for example that the domain is different, never put any type of personal data, much less put passwords.

Do not give more information than necessary

Another advice is not to give more information than necessary. You never know if the information you are putting in a website it will be treated correctly, there may be a vulnerability in the future or any problem may occur. If you can, do not give more information than is really essential for that web page.

You should especially avoid putting sensitive data, such as your phone number, personal address or ID. Put it only when it is essential and as long as that website is trusted.

Avoid putting real information on unreliable sites

What alternative do you have when they force you to enter data, such as e-mail? What you can do is avoid putting the actual data. You can try using a disposable email. In this way, in case you need to receive a code to register somewhere, you will be able to receive it but without exposing your real address.

This will prevent problems in the future in case that address can be leaked or you end up receiving constant spam. Using a temporary email or having a specific one for these cases is a good idea. Opening a Spam email can be dangerous and compromise your security.

Be careful with the programs you use

You should also look into which program you are going to put personal data. For example, if you install an application and it asks you for certain information, if that program may not be reliable, etc. Through these methods they could also collect personal information and that privacy is compromised without you knowing it.

Ideally, you should install programs from official sources. Always check very well what you have installed on your devices and update them whenever possible. That will avoid a lot of problems.

In short, this must be taken into account if you are going to put personal data on a website. You should take a good look at that page beforehand and make sure it is reliable so that you do not have any problems in the short term or in the long term.

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