Software Engineering in Different Sectors

The world is powered by software these days, so it’s not surprising that more and more industries require software engineers to increase their customer base and continue to innovate. So what exactly are software engineers working on in different sectors? 


Software engineers are the backbone of the iGaming sphere. Software engineers are needed for all kinds of online casino roles, from designing the latest slot machines to helping a global gaming company build their new app. Developing the latest games involves not only coding skills but some pretty complicated mathematics, an ear for music and an eye for style. Software engineers then take of these elements and using their fancy code bring the game to life. The big hub for iGaming developers is Malta, where several leading game providers are located. Without software engineers, casinos wouldn’t be able to innovate as widely or expand as much as they have in recent years.


Healthcare has been historically slow to digitize, but that has all changed. Now, telehealth is a booming industry worth $29 billion in the US alone. Hospitals and healthcare companies are digitizing patient records and creating apps for patients and different diagnostic tools to assist doctors. This can make booking or attending appointments more accessible, and provide a more effective interface for patients. Software engineers are required for all kinds of healthcare-related roles, and you get the added benefit of improving people’s lives. The healthcare industry is so multifaceted that a software engineer could be working for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, insurance companies, and more.

Financial Services

Software engineers are needed to integrate new technology, automate different processes, design apps, and continue to move the entire banking and financial process online. There is a whole subsect of finance dubbed fintech where software engineers are creating new financial products from mobile payment methods, peer-to-peer payment methods and online free trading platforms where you can purchase stocks from your device with a click of a button. 

High Tech

Silicon Valley attracts thousands of talented software engineers who apply their trade at startups and major tech companies like Facebook and Google. Software engineers are constantly building new apps and features for big tech companies. Next time your Gmail app opens instantly or your Instagram feed helps you find the perfect item of clothing you can thank a software engineer. Gone are the days where webpages would continually crash, or servers would become overwhelmed due to an increase in clicks. Developments in tech have introduced ‘infinite scrolling’ streaming without using a flash player and big developments in HTML, to name a few.

As the world continues to go through rapid digitization software engineers are required in more and more industries. Tech is a pivotal part of most businesses, and how they engage and develop online can make or break their name. Software engineers continue to play a critical role in iGaming, healthcare, financial services, and the world of big tech. Time will tell which other industries are shaken up by software engineers.

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