Wildermyth: the review of the strategic indie RPG

The game we are talking about today is Wildermyth of the Worldwalker Games LLC, a small production house indie with only this game to his credit. Don’t be frightened by the small size of the studio (made up of only two people!): Wildermyth is a small pearl, a deep game that develops on three different modes: one part management, a part storytelling and a part tactics turn-based combat on the map.

The game was released in June 2021 (and you can find it at Steam), after a long open beta that allowed it to become what it is today: a turn-based procedural RPG that can be played alone or with multiple people.

Here is our Wildermyth review!

Wildermyth is a setting role-playing game Fantasy, which can be played in both single that in multiplayer, based on strategic choices during combat and on narrative decisions that will shape the story by changing the protagonists and the world of our adventure.

The beginning of the myth

In the game we will be able to live the stories of the characters making them grow and become gods heroes known and esteemed by the local population. At the beginning, we will be able to customize the first three heroes (don’t worry, others will be added over the course of the story!) By defining their features, the genre (the “non-binary” trait also appears), the genre he is attracted to, and the game class. The first three adventurers will be a warrior specialized in melee, a ranger proficient in ranged combat and a Mystical which can interact with terrain elements in combat.

Like all great adventures, our characters will initially only be armed with wooden spoons and pitchforks but will soon be able to wield much more dangerous and magic-infused weapons! Once you have chosen the Campaign to play in and its difficulty, we will be ready to start!

A map to be discovered

There Countryside which we will choose will develop on several Chapters, generally three or five, and it will allow us to take many decisions different. Everything we choose will have direct repercussions on the game world: we will be able to decide the relationships between our heroes, if they are linked by deep friendship or if they are rivals, and there will also be random events that can determine transformations or provide special bonuses during the fighting. .

The map is a chessboard, and we will be able to move our characters on it in groups or in a solitary way, with all the dangers that derive from it: we will soon discover that dangers of different nature are hidden in the map boxes, we will meet monsters who make raids in the villages or dark individuals who they gradually turn our heroes into ravens. The so-called “secondary quests” are also very interesting, objectives that only some of our adventurers will be able to complete.

There tactics it is important during the map phase: is it better to divide the party and reveal more parts of the map, or to proceed all together and allow the monsters to reach the capital? The main goals are always marked in the upper left, and we must remember that the more the time and the more monsters will become stronger and harder to beat.

Wildermyth screenshot maps

Shaping Wildermyth’s Story

What would a RPG be without storytelling? In Wildermyth we will not only have to deal with strategic choices on the map, but also with a narrative that never tires! In the game we will see our adventurers fight, grow, age and … retreat, if they are particularly cautious. But not only that: from the beginning of the story, we will have to make some very important decisions that will define the behaviors, skills and some enemies of the campaign.

The story is presented as a interactive cartoon, a sort of visual novel in which the events are narrated, our heroes confide secrets and, based on all this, in the end we will be able to make decisions related to the plot: one of our characters could meet the elderly mother who has it abandoned as a child and forgive her and re-establish the relationship, or repudiate her; love and rivalry (or children!) could arise. Whatever our choices, all our decisions will have consequences, such as taking that big ruby ​​or not… even if only to find it in the place of the eye!

The choices we make will change our heroes in their appearance; the physical transformations, the impairments they will undergo, the pieces of clothing that we will find or even just the signs of aging will be “attached” to the character’s profile, just as if it were a figurine to which pieces are added … and the weight of our choices will be always there, to show us the progress of our adventure!

A very animated battle grid

The third part of Wildermyth is that represented by a tactical turn-based combat. For fans of games like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance or strategists in general will be a real boon. The peculiarity in this game is the three-quarter view, and the figures will remain “paper” even during the animations! It is a choice that we really appreciated from a graphic point of view.

After encountering monsters in the strategic part of the map, and making decisions about how to approach the monsters in the comic narrative part, we are ready to move onto the grid, as if we were in a real paper RPG! Each character has its own stats, increased or decreased by the approach we have chosen; we will then decide how the characters move and the actions they will perform thanks to gods Action Points available for each of them.

Inside the combat, our warriors will take care of keeping enemies at bay in close combat, thanks to their abilities of attack or total defense, the rangers will act at a distance with arrows infused with poison or fire (and will disappear from the sight of our opponents! ), and the mystics will tactically interact with the terrain, blowing up tables or throwing a shower of fire on our enemies.

When the heroes fall under the blows of the monsters, guided by a well-trained AI, we will be faced with a new choice: to make our heroes withdraw, perhaps with one leg or arm less, or to make them make a final sacrifice, with which our other adventurers will be able to take down monsters more easily. During the fight, we will often be tempted to “go back” even just to save our heroes, because if the first defeat is reversible, the second defeat is the decisive one, and our adventurers will die definitively and will be remembered with a tomb suited to their story. .

Wildermyth screenshot

Conclusions to our Wildermyth review

In conclusion, we liked Wildermyth, and a lot! The only flaw we have found is only the lack of localization in Italian, an element that is not a big defect, however, considering that the comics and interactions are very understandable even if in English.

There graphics and the sound make the game very enjoyable from an aesthetic point of view, and the re-playability is guaranteed by the development of new Campaigns that are introduced thanks to the game patches and the numerous random events (which players can also see through a specially built wiki, if they want to know the bonuses given by the transformation of their character or the choices they can make ). For all lovers of RPG, tactical games or storytelling that develops thanks to our choices, Wildermyth is a game that should be in your library, to live always new stories.

Wildermyth 1

Wildermyth: the review of the strategic indie RPG


Wildermyth is a fantasy RPG video game from Worldwalker Games LLC. It is an indie role-playing game that can be played in both single and multiplayer based on strategic choices during combat and on narrative decisions that will shape the story, changing the protagonists and the world of our adventure. A game more than recommended for all lovers of RPGs, tactical games or storytelling. Wildermyth is a must-have title in your collection to experience ever new stories!


Multi-faceted game that embraces different game modes: strategy, turn-based combat, role-playing

The graphics are the perfect setting for a playful experience with an engaging storytelling


It is not localized in Italian

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