You can now install TrueNAS SCALE 23.10, turn your PC into a powerful NAS

TrueNAS currently has two very different versions, the SCALE version is based on Debian and the TrueNAS CORE It is based on FreeBSD. Today we bring you the changes that have been incorporated into the SCALE version, which is the one we have installed on our HP Proliant Gen 8 home server.

Steps to update and important notices

The new version TrueNAS SCALE It is now available to update directly from the graphical user interface, before updating to version 23.10 it is advisable to install the latest version of the previous branch, in order not to have problems when updating, although we assume that you already have installed the latest version of the previous branch. Remember that, to update the operating system, just go to the «Systems Settings / Update» and proceed to choose the new branch and click on «Download update» to later install it and restart the server.

The first thing you should know before installing the latest version 23.10 is that there are some services that are no longer available by default, however, we have the possibility of installing it through Apps. For example, the popular Dynamic DNS service that we had has now been replaced by ddns-updater that can be installed through the “Apps” section, and is also part of the official applications repository. We must also take into account that the OpenVPN server has been replaced, now we can install WireGuard or OpenVPN directly from Apps, so it will not be available as before. Other services are the OpenVPN client which does not have an equivalent application, although at the community level we do have an OpenVPN client. Other changes are that the Rsyncd server has been replaced by rsyncd, S3 by minio, WebDAV by webdav as an application, and TFTP has been replaced by tftpd-hpa.

If you have any of these services running, you should know that they will stop working if you update to the new version, so our recommendation is that you first migrate through Apps and then update, so as not to have problems at the functionality level. Below, you can see the default services that we have in the new version:

As you can see, several have disappeared and we will have to install them manually through Apps.

Main features of the new version

The new version of TrueNAS SCALE on a graphical level is exactly the same as the previous versions, although there have been some improvements and optimizations to make everything work much faster. In the following screenshot you can see the default graphical user interface with the newly installed operating system, with version 23.10.0.

The main change that this new version has undergone is that the “Apps” section has been completely redesigned, now we can see the entire list of applications in a really simple way, and on the right side we can see the application information, the “Edit” button to make settings, we can also go back to any updates we have made, and the “Delete” button. We also have the possibility of advanced configuration of all applications at the network level, and discover new applications both from TrueNAS itself and from the community. The truth is that the user experience of this new version is really good, much better than before since we can see everything at a glance.

The virtual machines section has not undergone any changes at the graphical user interface level, only the “Apps” section.

Other new features that we have in this new version is that the creation of a «Storage Pool» has been completely redesigned, providing more information on pool configuration and supporting very large deployments. Now this new version of SCALE 23.10 supports up to 1255 disks and more than 25PB in a single system. Other changes are that the Linux Kernel 6.1 and improved hardware support, NVIDIA 535.54.03 drivers have been added in case you have a graphics card and Samba has also been updated to improve speed.

The development team has made important changes to the ZFS file systemthe version has been incorporated OpenZFS 2.2 with many contributions from iXsystems. Some of the new features are that we can pause and resume ZFS scrubs, we can also clone ZFS at the block level via SMB and NFS, although this requires updating the pool with the new version to have these options, and we will not be able to do so. a downgrade to the previous version of SCALE. Lastly, it also incorporates ZFS dRAID pool for greater versatility.

As you can see, this new version incorporates really interesting features, it is not a revolution but it is a fairly important evolution because overall performance has been improved, all the software has been updated and the “Apps” part has undergone a complete redesign.

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