10 Things You Should Learn To Become Better With Your Content On Talkytimes

Content creation is one way to have an online audience, build a brand and make a decent living. You’d have to engage more in live streaming to gain online visibility. That way, you connect with your audience first-hand and can easily interact with them. For example, you can stream live if you have a verified Youtube account.

Also, look out for professionals in your industry or outside your industry who have carved a niche for themselves and follow them. Observe how they stream their videos and how they connect with their audience.

Streaming has given birth to so many millionaires. Some started from nothing, some owed debts, and life looked hopeless. Until they discovered the skill of creating content and their lives transformed 360°. Today we have great content creators the world reckons with, like PewDiePie, Felipe Neto, Dan Lok, Alex Cattoni, Jesse Forrest, etc. 

Furthermore, creating content for streaming on Talkytimes and other streaming platforms can sometimes be challenging. You may also find it hard to connect with your audience, or you may be earning a meager income from your channel.

In this article, we’ll discuss what you should learn to become better with your content on Talkytimes and other streaming platforms—also success stories of normal people who turned content creation into a money-making business.

3 Success Stories Of Normal People Who Became Successful Via Content Creation

There are thousands of streamers all over the globe, and a large number have made millions of dollars from streaming. To some, it’s a side hustle, while It’s a full-time business for others. A platform like YouTube has many high-profile streamers ranked among the best in the world.

Also, some people from middle-class backgrounds who delved into streaming have grown to become self-made millionaires. Thus, we will be discussing a few people who are successful streamers.

1. PewDiePie

PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTube content creator. He’s generally known for posting let’s play videos of video games. With time, he included other content like vlogging, comedy shorts, formatted shows, and music videos. 

Then, his channel grew massively, and as of 2013, it was the most subscribed channel on Youtube. It is ranked as one of the most viewed, with more than one hundred and eleven million subscribers and a total of 28.4 billion views. He grew from an ordinary kid into an extremely rich guy.

2. Dan Lok

Dan Lok came from a very humble background. As a punk kid, no one loved him. Life was hard until he met Alan, a copywriter who believed in him and taught him how to write sales copy, and his story changed.

Over time, he began streaming live to educate people on how to write copy that sells, and he became even more popular. He made more money teaching online and has over 4.2 million subscribers and millions of views per video.

3. Alex Cattoni

Alex Cattoni is a renowned copywriter and content creator. She started as a copywriter and, over time, grew and began creating content on copywriting and other related areas. She streams live every week and educates thousands of subscribers. She has over 200 subscribers on her channel and thousands of viewers.

How To Become Better With Your Content?

If you are a beginner content creator and are wondering how successful content creators make it, this section is for you. To become a good content creator, you need some fundamental knowledge to be able to thrive in the industry. Creating content and streaming is a skill you need to master to become a pro. Also, standing before a camera requires bravery and courage to address your audience and give value. As a streamer, take note of these points below and act on them.

1. Choose A Niche

Do you have a niche, or do you release every kind of video? That is a very important aspect of content creation. It would be best if you had a purpose (which could be educational, informational, entertaining, or inspirational) that you’re pursuing and carved a niche to align with your purpose. Also, make sure your topics are in line with your chosen niche.

Furthermore, be all your brand represents, and don’t be the opposite of what you teach in your videos. That will give you an edge above others and make your brand more authentic and credible. Again, your viewers will believe in you further and connect easily with you.

For example, Alex Cattoni is a renowned copywriter, and she owns a YouTube channel that deals with copywriting. You’d notice that she has so many subscribers and viewers; why? because she is a good representation of her brand. Also, be very knowledgeable about your chosen niche. Update yourself regularly with the latest information and news regarding your industry. The

2. Know Your Audience

First and foremost, recognize the needs of your audience before you create content in your area of specialization. If you create valueless content or content that is outside the needs of your audience, you may not get subscribers or more views. Therefore, ensure to create amazing content that resonates with your audience.

Again, make it a duty to always dish out value and give solutions to problems. Similarly, anyone that visits your channel should come with loads of knowledge. Give knowledge that your audience won’t find elsewhere, and keep them glued to your channel. Be an expert in your niche and learn a thing or two about other things.

For example, Dan Lok is a copywriter, a coach, a businessman, and a marketing consultant, but he also runs an amazing YouTube channel for copywriters. If, as a copywriter, you want to gain more knowledge about copywriting, then you need to visit his channel.

You can also conduct a question and answer session on your channel and educate your viewers. Seek feedback from your audience on every content you create and make sure to address them on your next streaming. Ask them what they’ll like you to stream next. Doing this will make your viewers feel valued. Also, please encourage them to subscribe to your channel and hit the notification bell to get updates on new videos.

3. Have A Specific Time And Day/s When You Stream

Let there be a specific time and day/days you stream, and keep to it. For instance, if you love streaming in the evening, let’s say at 7 pm when people are back home, make sure to stick to that time. Why? Because your viewers will always visit your channel by that time to watch your videos. And if you don’t release a video at the right time, your viewers will stop visiting your channel after a while.

Consistency is the key. It helps your audience know when to expect the next video. That also helps you have a work schedule to follow strictly. Also, it would be best if you consistently focused on your chosen niche and did not divert into other things indiscriminately.

Thus, if you’re a fashion streamer on Talkytimes or other streaming platforms, strive to keep at it. And do not release unrelated videos on your channel to avoid confusion. But if you must, pre-inform your viewers; it shows how much you value them.

4. Interact With Your Audience

Once you’re live, endeavor to have an interactive session with your audience because it’ll help you connect with them deeply. Also, this will help to enhance your content and increase engagement on your channel. Do well to make chats visible to answer questions and respond to comments.

Recognize your ardent followers and those who make donations to your channel. Let free communication between you and your audience foster good relationships and build a community.

Again, encourage your viewers to communicate with each other on the live chat. And let some moderators oversee the channel’s affairs to ensure that people adhere to the channel’s rules. Make it a very friendly environment.

5. Release Contents Regularly

To be a force to reckon with in content creation and streaming, you must be consistent. You can upload recorded videos whenever you’re not live. Please don’t make your videos too long. Rather, let them be concise and value-packed.

Again, your goal should always be to consistently release or stream engaging videos. Why? Because it’ll draw more subscribers and viewers to your channel.

Note: consistency is the key, don’t slack.

6. Optimize For SEO.

Use keywords when creating your content so that Google can rank it. Make quality videos to bring your channel to the limelight. As a content creator, optimize your videos, blog posts, and other content for SEO. Bear that in mind, too, when creating content on Talkytimes. You can target keywords or topics your audience is interested in.

Research for and use popular keywords that people search for so that once your viewers type the keywords, your channel appears first. Using the right keywords makes you more visible and your content more attractive.

Furthermore, creating good content with the right keywords can be done using keyword research tools. For example, Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner will help you understand what people want to know more about. Then you can make videos along that line.

Also, be active online in related social media groups to understand trending topics in line with your industry. Formulate topics accordingly and create content in line with them.

Endeavor to add the keyword to the title of your video. And also, let your keyword appear three to four times in the description box. Check through the analytics to discover the most searched keywords and create videos on them. Also, check for video performance through the analytics of Talkytimes to find out where to improve.

7. Have Your Unique Style

Be known for a particular style when you stream on Talkytimes. Let your audience know you for that style because they’ll always come expecting to see you start that way. Also, express yourself most inherently and communicate coherently with your audience.

Again, take cognizance of the kind of environment you are always streaming from. Have a dress sense. Likewise, for pre-recorded videos, make sure to use the same style. For example, in the introduction, you may start with “hello, hello, hello, welcome back to my channel.” Or “hi family, welcome to another episode of…” Above all, find a unique style and stick to it.

8. Prepare Adequately

One of the greatest ways to be a good content creator is to prepare adequately. Streaming live or pre-recording a video should be done with the same measure of expertise. Thus, it can only be achieved by adequate preparation.

Don’t mumble words or keep mute at intervals; it shows a high level of incompetence and lack of readiness. For example, if you watch Alex Cattoni’s videos, you’d notice how composed and knowledgeable she is when speaking. Deliver quality content with a cheerful and bold disposition.

9. Use Quality Tools To Stream

People love watching clear videos, especially HD videos with quality sound effects. Whenever you want to stream on Talkytimes or other streaming platforms, make sure to test run all your electronic devices. Please make sure they’re in good form.

Again, if you plan to make a living out of streaming, you need to buy quality electronic gadgets. For example, get a quality camcorder or a DSLR camera for clear viewing. A condenser mic may be a great choice for mics if you don’t want to raise your voice so high because it captures the tiniest sound.

Also, use a good lighting system to avoid shadows in your videos. Online stores have quality lighting systems; you can check them out. You should keep all these in check for your content to stand out.

10. Be Visible On Social Media

Build your visibility online because it’ll help to build your brand and make your channel more visible. Be on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok.  And post your content on all these platforms. It’ll give you more recognition and followers, especially when you give quality content.

This medium makes it easy to advertise your brand and direct your followers or friends to your channel. Also, connection and interaction with your audience are easier on social media. 

Final Words

We believe by now you must have learned different methods to adopt to become good with your content for streaming on platforms like Talkytimes.

There are so many successful streamers who grew from zero balance to multi-millionaires. Be consistent in creating content and deliver quality content.

Join Talkytimes to hone your content creation skills and monetize your passions!

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