5 small changes you can make today and save on your electricity bill

Useful tips to lower your electricity bill

You can have many things in mind to try pay less on the electricity bill. However, sometimes by changing some small aspects of our day to day we can achieve an important change. The goal is to pay less and be able to make the most of the available resources.

Change maximum and minimum temperatures

The first thing you can change is the maximum and minimum temperatures. You can apply this to different appliances. For example the refrigerator, freezer, heating or air conditioning. Simply raising or lowering the temperature by one degree can lead to significant savings on the electricity bill.

Now, what should we change and how much? In the case of the refrigerator, the ideal is that the temperature is between 5 and 7 degrees. You don’t need it to be less than that. The same goes for the freezer, which ideally should be between -16 and -18 degrees. Putting it at a lower temperature does not contribute anything in a normal home.

Regarding the heating, to save the ideal is that it is at 19-20 degrees. The air conditioning in summer does not need to be very cold, so from 23 degrees is a good figure.

End phantom consumption

Even if you think you have everything turned off, there is always something consuming in your home. It is what is known as phantom consumption. For example, it can be a television on Stand By, an alarm clock or even chargers plugged into the mains even though we are not charging anything at that time.

It is estimated that between 7 and 10% of the electricity bill is due to phantom consumption. Therefore, avoiding this as much as possible will save you money. Try to turn off any device you have at home and do not leave them on Stand By.

Change old light bulbs

Another small change you can make to save on your electricity bill is change your light bulbs ancient. If you have some from years ago, you may be consuming more than you should on your electricity bill. Even changing the low energy ones for more current LED bulbs will make you pay less.

Therefore, check what light bulbs you have at home and think about buying new ones if you see that the ones you have consume too much. In the end it all adds up and small details like this can help you a lot.

price of smart light bulbs

Configure devices

The setting of the electrical appliances and devices that you use in your day to day also influences the consumption of light. For example, you can use the eco mode in the dishwasher or lower the brightness of the television screen if it is not necessary to be at maximum. Little gestures like this can go a long way.

Think of all the appliances and devices you have at home. Most allow you to adjust certain values ​​and thus be able to save on the electricity bill by consuming fewer resources.

Check the invoice

Finally, one more change you can make is simply check your bill of the light. Do you have a rate that is too expensive and does not fit what you really need? Perhaps changing it can mean significant savings, as long as you do not have any minimum stay that you must meet.

It is possible that if you go from the free rate to the regulated one you can save, but also that you contract a specific free market rate that can be adjusted to your consumption and thus pay less. That will depend on each home, so you should review it.

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