6 Best Techniques to Become a Pro in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 13 “Saviors” was recently announced to players, and many people who took a break are returning to Apex to experience it. The new season, which will launch on May 10, is bringing a brand new adventure to many players. But are the players really ready for it?

Apex Legends is a battle royale game that requires high focus and coordination. That’s why we definitely think you should follow a few strategies to succeed. This article will present you with some tips and tricks for Apex Legends that will take you one step ahead of the game and help you become a world-class player with any character you play.

1. Choose a Meta-Appropriate Legend and Weapon

Apex Legends currently has 19 Legends that you can main. Although these Legends basically have the same stats, some of their abilities can move you to very different positions. Therefore, it is incredibly significant which character you play with. You should identify the Legends in the Meta and give them a chance. This will keep you updated on the game. Although it’s all up to your skill, playing with a strong Legend will always give you an advantage.

In Apex Legends, weapons are also updated with specific patch notes. Always check for these updates and find out which weapon is powerful. Then, you can prioritize those weapons in Apex. These two factors are among the most essential tips for Apex.

6 Best Techniques to Become a Pro in Apex Legends

2. Set Yourself a Landing Location

As in other battle royale games, in Apex Legends, you will land at a location at the beginning of the match. The Jumpmaster usually determines this point. Suppose you’re the Jumpmaster — land where you’re most comfortable. This can be a crowded or quiet place on the map depending on your preference. If you land in an unfamiliar place, you will not have a chance to plan your next move, and you will fail.

Therefore, determine at least 2 spots on the map you are comfortable with, and try to land there. You’ve drawn a game plan, and you won’t get confused. We recommend landing in remote locations with few players because most players prefer crowded locations for playing Apex Legends aggressively.

3. Always Keep in Touch With Your Teammates

For the third entry in our Apex Legends tips list, we will discuss a critical situation. Although Apex may seem like a game that doesn’t require teamwork, things are actually a little different. Communication and coordination will always take you one step ahead. Pinging the opponent’s location, asking for help, and marking loot will help your teammates a lot. If you’re looting solo, and you see an opposing group approaching you, you probably won’t stand a chance against them. But hiding in a safe area and asking your friends for help would be the best move you can make at that moment.

This is perhaps the easiest to implement of all the Apex tips and tricks but is also the most important. In addition, by using the combos of some Legends with each other, you’ll gain extraordinary advantages. Some are effective for defense, while others are very useful for offense and support. Do not shy away from accepting help from friends; it will help you reach your full potential. If you constantly match people who lack communication, you should definitely try Apex Legends boosting and playing with more professional people.

4. Always Be on the Alert

This is the most general of the Apex Legends tips and tricks. You should always know that an opponent can pop up anywhere. That’s why it’s imperative that you learn how to escape when a bad situation happens. You may not always be able to respond to the opponent, so take the proper position.

So how can you stay alert? Utilize your abilities wisely, and don’t waste them outside of combat. You risk leaving yourself vulnerable by utilizing your abilities at inopportune moments or during unneeded confrontations, leaving you without access to critical attack components.

We also want to talk about a few Apex Legends tricks that are important. These tricks will help you a lot in the game. First of all, you have to be very careful while reviving your teammates; make sure there are no enemies around. Otherwise, you may not be able to resurrect your friend, and you may die yourself.

Second, don’t go into battle with opponents without the proper armor and gear. You may have great aim and abilities — but in this case, we do not recommend putting yourself at risk, as the opponent will be the winner. Third, always keep your inventory under control and holster your weapon at the correct times. Thus, you will be fully prepared and ready to face your opponent. We hope this helps you in the game and gives you a good Apex experience!

5. Take Care to Practice Regularly

If you want to reach a good level in Apex Legends, you definitely need to improve your aim and your playing style constantly. If you take an extended break from playing, you will see how much your performance has decreased when you return to Apex. So definitely train regularly in training maps or other modes, and try to familiarize yourself with the game’s fast pace. Remember that the more you practice in Apex, the faster you can peek and aim at the opponent. Details like these allow you to stand out and make extraordinary differences.

6 Best Techniques to Become a Pro in Apex Legends

6. Don’t Underestimate the Ring

This is one of the mistakes most pro and newbie players make in our list of tips for Apex Legends. Although you may know other Apex Legend tricks, this can sometimes go unnoticed. The Ring might not pose much of a threat in the early game, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be overlooked. Too many players are dying to the Ring for the sake of more loot.

Therefore, as you get closer to the end, you should definitely take a position with your teammates according to the Ring, and you should determine a spot in the middle and settle there.


We have come to the end of our Apex Legends tips article. All the Apex Legends tips and tricks we mentioned will provide you with extraordinary advantages. But sometimes, things don’t always go the way we want. Toxic and careless teammates and not enough time to play can cause you to lose the match. Therefore, you can eliminate these problems by using boosting services.

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