6 Not-So-Popular Mac & MacBook Tips Everyone Should Know

Whether you want to learn quick fixes to common Mac problems or want to make the most from your computer, you are in the right place. This page will give you access to access tips to use Mac computers and MacBooks along with the efficient ways to utilize potential macOS features.

Apple has built hundreds of stunning features in its Mac and MacBook lineups. Right from the ease of Apple Pay to the efficiency of Split View, Apple continues to offer everything that you need to stay productive all the time.

Let’s get to learn these macOS tips, tricks, and productivity features. Before you start, make sure to upgrade to macOS Monterey, as most of these features are exclusive to the latest operating system.

#1. Use Live Text

Live Text is a versatile feature that allows you to copy text from an image to your device. You can also tap the camera to capture the text and can later use it in your documents. Hover your mouse over the text on the image and wait for the pointer to turn into a cursor.

Click and drag the cursor to highlight the text, right-click on it to get a variety of options, and then select the appropriate option. You can find the definition of any word, translate it to a different language, copy it, share it, or search it in the default search engine.

#2. Use Text Editor (Notepad++ Alternate)

6 Not-So-Popular Mac & MacBook Tips Everyone Should Know

Notepad++ is a source code and text editor designed for Windows operating systems. It is a free app available in over 90 languages for free. Although it’s useful in many different ways, no Notepad++ is available for Mac. If you are looking for Notepad++ alternatives, click here to read about other text editors.

Apps like CodeRunner allow you to edit code and write in Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Perl, and more. You can also use Espresso if you are looking for an HTML editor app.

#3. Use Focus Mode

If you get distracted easily, then Apple’s Focus mode is for you. It allows you to set customized rules that will block all distracting and annoying apps so that you can focus on work. The app is highly customized and allows you to decide which apps and people you want to block and which to allow while working in the Focus mode.

The feature allows you to create multiple Focus modes for varying situations. However, if you receive any notifications or messages when the Focus mode operates, you can view them in the Notification Center on Mac.

#4. Use Shared With You

As your device turns older, you start to accumulate a lot of documents, photos, interesting podcasts, videos, links, news articles, and other data that has been shared by your contacts. The Shared with You section in your Mac allows quick access to this data, and you don’t have to search for these items in different folders on your computer.

Each app works differently, so you need to navigate to different locations in applications to view the content that your friends or colleagues have shared. In Podcasts, search for the Shared with You section on the Listen Now page. In the TV app, click on the Watch Now options and scroll down to find the option while the News app displays this section in the sidebar.

#5. Use Siri on Mac

6 Not-So-Popular Mac & MacBook Tips Everyone Should Know

Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, has improved a lot since its inception. Not only does it help you find different ways to find an app on the Mac, but it also helps find answers to users’ queries. You can increase the volume of your computer and can ask Siri to display the membership catalog of the nearest gym.

You can adjust Siri’s settings from the System Preferences by clicking the Apple menu icon provided in the top left corner of the screen. Next, click Siri to open and change relevant settings.

#6. Deal With Overheating Issues

If you are using multiple high-end applications on your MacBook, it will start overheating eventually. Make sure to use one or two applications at one moment to keep your system performance optimal. If your device heats up frequently, even when you are not using it, you may need to diagnose the reason behind it.

Ensure that the fan is moving appropriately and there’s no dust or dirt present inside the device. Though you need to open the laptop panel to check the dust, using a can of compressed air can help clean up the device from Inside. However, be gentle while you use the compressed air shot on your device.

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