85% pCloud offer to store files in the Cloud

The vast majority of cloud storage services require a monthly or annual subscription to be able to use them, however, this is not always the case. The company pCloud provides a very fast and cheap cloud storage service, since we can buy the lifetime subscription, instead of paying a monthly or annual subscription. In this way, we have the possibility of purchase pCloud as if it were a hard drive in the cloudIn fact, the storage that we have available is 500GB, 2TB and even up to 10TB in a single payment and forever. For Valentine’s Day, the company has launched significant discounts to save a lot of money.

What does pCloud offer me?

The main feature of pCloud is that it offers a cloud storage service forever with a single payment, it is not necessary to pay a monthly or annual subscription as it happens with services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and many others. Just by making a payment, we will already have access to the contracted storage (500GB, 2TB and up to 10TB of capacity).

Other very important functions are that pCloud will allow us easily share files and foldersin addition to power upload files and folders manually via weband even install a program to have synchronization of files and folders on our PC, we will also be able to share any folder or file very easily quickly. Thanks to your options, we can create a temporary link with expiration date, so that anyone can download our files easily, with a single link. In addition, we also have the possibility of putting a temporary access password to protect our files. Other possibilities of this cloud storage service is that integrates an audio and video player integrated into the webOf course, you don’t need to download the entire file to be able to preview it. Lastly, the PDF files We can also see them directly from the official website, without having to download them.

According to the data security, this storage service uses the TLS 1.2 and AES protocol for communication with its servers, that is, the communication is completely secure to guarantee the confidentiality of the data. Of course, all files and folders that we upload to the cloud will be fully encrypted with AES on the servers, to avoid security and privacy problems. In fact, only we can decrypt this information with our private key.

pCloud has programs for the main operating systems such as Windows, Linux and macOS, so we can have file and folder synchronization in the cloud, in addition, we can access all the sharing options easily and quickly. If you want to access all the content with your smartphone, you can also install the official app on your Android and iOS smartphone:

pCloud Cloud and Storage
pCloud Cloud and Storage

pCloud - Cloud Storage
pCloud - Cloud Storage

With these apps on your smartphone, you can access your files and folders from anywhere. In the following video you can see everything that this interesting and cheap cloud storage service offers us in the long term:

If you want to know the offer we have for Valentine’s Day, then you have all the details:

pCloud Valentine’s Sale

This pCloud Valentine’s Day deal will be available until February 17, 2023Take advantage of this opportunity to have a discount of up to 85% compared to the normal price of the different plans. Here are the final prices and the features they include:

  • 500 GB Premium for Life: only €139 (original price €570), so we have a 75% discount.
  • 2TB Premium Plus for life: only €279 (original price €1,140), so we have a 75% discount.
  • 10TB for life: €890 (original price €6,000), so we have a discount of 85% off.

All these plans include 30 days of trash history, so we can easily recover files in the event of an accident.

As you have seen, thanks to this offer for Valentine’s Day, we will be able to save a large amount of money, and all this by paying only once and you will have access for life.

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