A Guide To Choosing Your First Gun

If you are approaching the world of ‘black powder’ or have already obtained a firearms licence, you may have wondered which gun to choose. Very often our first choice is based on advice, on aesthetic taste alone or worse still on something glimpsed on the big screen. Don’t worry, today we are going to find out together how to choose your first short gun, without having any second thoughts. So which pistol should you buy?

What is its intended use?

The first question everyone has to ask themselves is: what we are going to do with it? Most of the time, future shooters find themselves having to change their gun shortly after purchase, as it is not suitable for the discipline they are undertaking.

If you’re getting your licence and you’re sure that you want to do, for example, dynamic shooting, you will certainly not opt for a sub-compact, but for a weapon that meets the appropriate standards for that particular shooting discipline.

Fun At The Range

Most of you will certainly fall into this category, i.e. all those who simply want to go to the range to have some fun. If you see yourself in this type of shooter, the advice would be to aim for a small-calibre weapon that is inexpensive and usually allows for a larger magazine capacity. A perfect example is the classic 9×21, a calibre that is not excessively expensive (10-12 euros x 50 cartridges) and is certainly the most popular. But let’s get down to business: WHICH GUN?


Exploded on the market for years now, they are the most purchased and above all the most ACCESSIBLE short guns. Let’s see some of them together.

Smith&Wesson M&P9 M2.0

A pistol that shocks for accuracy, grip and design, a real jewel, a definitive pistol. Suitable for starting and finishing. Compact size and 15 round magazine capacity. To appreciate the notches on the slide to facilitate the unloading. The rear and rear sight are also excellent. Last but not least, it comes with 4 interchangeable ridges to make it fit your personal hand. 9×21.

Glock 17 Gen 5

Needs no introduction, everyone knows the Glock. Reliability and lightness are its strengths. Magazine capacity of 17 9×21 rounds and millings on the rear of the slide for easy unloading. The DESIGN… certainly not made to win beauty contests! A weapon tested from every point of view, undisputed queen for years, but in our opinion no longer the only one.

H&K SFP9: Heckler & Koch

One of the world’s leading arms manufacturers has a very curious pistol in its catalogue. Compact dimensions, lever magazine release near the trigger guard. Front and rear millings on the slide and oversized fins in the rear to facilitate the unloading.

Which gun to buy for a security guard?

Here we are with one of the most eagerly awaited questions. Many operators who work in the security field are not real experts in weapons, very often finding themselves unable to decide, or worse, not knowing what criteria to adopt for the choice. There is only one answer: compact, reliable, LIGHT and ECONOMICAL. Lightness is the key to everything. Having to carry a heavy weapon around all day could actually cause physical damage to your body, pain, increased fatigue and who knows from experience could continue this list ad infinitum. So here is our advice:

Glock 19

Once again Glock returns, which is to be expected. The choice of this gun is very often more related to a fashion factor than anything else, thus people usually look online Glock 19 for sale and buy it. This compact pistol also boasts millings to facilitate unloading but a reduced magazine compared to its competitor: 15 rounds 9×21. DESIGN is always very subjective, but when it comes to reliability it remains a certainty. The hold open is really minimal, so if your hands are a bit big, immediately opt for a replacement piece with a larger size.

Smith&Wesson SD9

The most suitable pistol in my opinion. 16 rounds 9×21 in a compact pistol is hard to find. Amazing grip and grip on the barrel to help the operator when shooting. Larger hold open for larger hands and white reference sights and front sights are standard. Extremely low weight and trigger pull ideal for those who may find themselves working under stress, where sensitivity is not at full capacity: smooth but not super light.

I certainly don’t feel like giving a definitive opinion. Each person has to respect their own characteristics and their own wallet. Finding a partner for shooting or everyday use is an important choice. We have opened your eyes to a few models, but before buying one we recommend that you go to an armoury and try them in your hand. Seeing and touching the weapon is different from hearing what it is like for others. Make your choice, and make it wisely.

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