A Mod turns Fallout: New Vegas into Star Wars

The passion of fans towards their favorite franchises never ends and, thanks to a group of modders, we can see the first images of a mod for Fallout: New Vegas which recreates characters and worlds from the universe of Star Wars.

The mod, currently under development, will take us to the period of the birth of the Empire and will contain 12 different locations from the saga.

Fallout: New Vegas is projected into the Star Wars universe

The modders who started the project, Tank_Girl444 is Karim Najib, are working diligently to recreate within Fallout: New Vegas an open world based on the universe of Star Wars, thanks to an immense and accurate Mod. The player will have 12 famous places of the saga to visit, as well as being able to choose which path to take in their journey: believe in the Force, go to the Dark Side or live halfway between the two parts.

The choices the player makes will impact the game’s storyline, as well as the available companions. Here is a video showing some highlights of the Mod.

A playable version of this mod set in the Star Wars universe is not yet available, but the trailer bodes well. From the video it is noted that the Mod will feature complete dialogues, a character creation system, bounty hunting and much more, bringing the Bethesda game into the universe created by George Lucas.

The work of the duo seems to be promising, with a high-level project and an open world that can guarantee several hours of fun for fans and non-fans. It now remains to be seen if the Mod will be able to see the light or if the project will be closed by Disney for legal reasons. It is not to be excluded, at the moment, the remote possibility that this Mod could become an official product, thus managing to complete the processing with the approval of Disney is Lucasfilm.

Projects of this type never stop being born and show how much passion for Star Wars can inspire fans to create new ways to experience incredible adventures in the Star Wars universe.


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