A rare copy of Super Mario 64 sold at auction for $ 1.5 million

The record set by The Legend of Zelda NES cartridge for the highest amount ever paid for a video game lasted a few hours, with a copy of Super Mario 64 that was auctioned for 1.5 million dollars.

1,560,000 dollars to be exact. A new world record set at auction once again by Heritage Auctions, who announced the event on their social channels:

Super Mario 64 sets a new auction record

The copy of Super Mario 64 auctioned had been rated 9.8 out of 10 by Wata and, considering that it is a sealed copy of the game, practically in perfect condition, such an evaluation is not surprising.

The auction started on July 9th and ended today, July 11th. Even before the auction started, this copy of Mario 64 was actually already making headlines thanks to its starting price of $ 100,000.

Now it seems like there’s nothing left to do but go back to the attic (or wherever you have amassed your childhood memories), hoping to find some old cartridge from the past that some overseas millionaire will pay a fortune.

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