A Raspberry Pi brings this cyberpunk rig for hackers to life

A team to hack on the move

We have already seen on numerous occasions how technological advancement has allowed us to build increasingly smaller and more striking teams in every way. Not only aesthetically, but also for power, connectivity options, etc. But it is likely that few attracted as much attention as this Кибердек RA01. Yes, a name that you will hardly be able to understand, much less pronounce unless you have an idea of ​​Russian. Although if you use Google Translate you can call it Cyberdeck RA01.

Well, leaving aside the name, the first thing that will catch your attention about this particular team is its aesthetics. And it seems to be taken from one of those movies about hackers that we could see during the 90’s. For example, the Hackers’ own (Computer hackers) with a very young Angelina Jolie that was released in 1995. Or the Matrix trilogy itself . Yes, the same with the latter, this team hits a lot more.

And, as you can see in the images, it looks like a fake team that has only been created to be used as props, but it is not like that. The equipment is fully functional and that it exists is thanks, how could it be otherwise at this point, to the use of a Raspberry Pi 4 that serves as the basis of everything that this equipment has to offer.

Thus, the Cyberdeck RA01 integrates a Raspberry Pi 4 along with a series of additional components such as an 8.8-inch screen and a resolution of 1920 x 480 pixels. To all this was added a modified casing of a Comodore C64C to which a battery, power supply, Vortex Core mechanical keyboard with a size of 40%, a mouse or lever to move the cursor around the screen using an analog stick of a Sony PSP and an Arduino controller to be able to manage all this together with The Raspberry Pi Foundation board.

In this way, the result is what you see, a very striking team in terms of design that is also very functional for everything that the Raspberry Pi can offer. Not forgetting that it still has USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, Ethernet and SD card reader as well as a speaker and some other additional option.

Hacking the system

Without a doubt, the Cyberdeck RA01 is one of those computers that, even if only out of freakiness, is already interesting and highly desirable. Because then it is true that through all the tools offered by the Raspberry Pi and its operating systems for hacking issues, it will not have the capacity of a laptop with better features and greater power.

In spite of everything, what difference does it make. That handle to be able to carry it as a cyberpunk activist, the aesthetic in black, the somewhat retro touches, etc., has a special appeal and even if it only served to run emulators and four other things, surely more than one would be done with one right now if you could.

On the project website you can see in more detail everything we tell you. And remember, if you dare and make your own version, do not hesitate to share it. Because these things always appeal to those of us who enjoy all this clutter.

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