The Top Advantages That QR Codes Have For Your Business

They have been with us for a long time. But, for now, they are only used by large companies. And very little for SMEs. We refer to QR codes, those images that are read with the camera of a smartphone or tablet, and that direct us to an Internet address where information, videos, promotions, downloads, etc. can be accessed.

Although they are unknown to many, reality indicates they have grown with the greatest intensity, reaching a percentage of 16% of smartphone users who use this tool.

We are, therefore, before something that can be taken advantage of in the field of marketing, and that is full of advantages. The main one is that QR codes cost almost no money. If you’re looking for a safe QR Code generator that could help you build custom QR codes, you can visit You can build beautiful QR codes for your business.

When we talk about costs in this field, we are left only with those derived from the time and knowledge of the employees to create an effective campaign, since creating a code of this type is completely free. It is also for the user, which is another advantage, that the reader can read and download as many times as he wishes.

Another important advantage is that they are novel and attract attention.

The consumer still sees them as something very new, as we have said before, more than 80% of mobile users are unaware of their operation, which adds value to the image of the company. They are also striking since those who know how they work are well aware that inside all the codes there may be something really interesting.

More virtues? Many. Some would be that they are immediate, they are not forgotten, they are comfortable, they offer results at the moment…

The last great advantage that this novel marketing tool offers is its versatility.

Unlike other advertising media, QRs can be used anywhere you can imagine. Thus, some of the most interesting would be: brochures, business cards, packaging, Christmas greetings, in any corporate identity material, at events, on labels, on the screens and posters of fairs, in shop windows, etc.

The list would be endless. There are even those who include it in the header photo of Twitter and Facebook. In short, almost anywhere where it has a size that allows it to be captured by the reader.

Now, once the advantages are known, it is necessary to know how to use this marketing solution. In most cases, these codes are treated as an anecdote or the final tagline to an advertising campaign. They are usually created to put videos or to design promotion. But very few businesses bother to come up with a strategy to take advantage of QR codes.

Don’t make the same mistake. And think that you are faced with a complex marketing solution that needs a strategy. To achieve this, it is necessary for you and your collaborators to sit at a table and answer the following questions:

The objective of the campaign.

It is not the same to want to attract attention than to increase the sales of a product or to dispose of surplus stock. Each purpose has a different creative process.

What are we going to offer?

As a general rule, when a user captures a code with his camera, he seeks immediate benefit. So think about what your SME can offer through the QR code that attracts consumers.

Where it will be published.

Posters, brochures, email marketing, website… It is necessary to think about where the code is going to be put since perhaps the type of public that accesses your business through one medium or another is not the same. Perhaps one is looking for information and another for discounts. Those variables are also important to take into account.

How long it will last.

The usual thing is that promotions are limited in time, in order to make them more effective. But your intention may not be that, but to create a brand image. In that case, an unlimited campaign is more effective.

As you can see, QR codes are a good, and inexpensive, marketing solution. But, as in everything, it is necessary to create a strategy so that the campaign works and helps to publicize the company.

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