Amazon bans the sale of the Flipper Zero, the most famous hacker device

Flipper Zero it is one of the most popular hacking devices. It is a small device that you can take anywhere, very useful for security testing. Amazon has now decided prohibit its sale on your platform. The reason? He considers it an instrument to steal bank cards. From the company that manufactures this device, they have not been slow to contact Amazon to reconsider their decision, since we are talking about one of the largest online sales platforms.

Amazon stops selling Flipper Zero

With Flipper Zero we have a fairly compact device, capable of perform a wide variety of tests to try to access other computers or check security. It uses multiple protocols, such as RFID, NFC, infrared, Bluetooth, etc. For example, it could activate a doorbell, open a garage door, or even clone keys. It allows us to find vulnerabilities which, in turn, helps us to be more protected and prevent them from doing that against us.

From Amazon they have decided to prohibit its sale. The reason, they say, is that it allows theft, duplicating keys, and other dangerous actions. If you do a search on Amazon, you won’t find this device, although you will find other components. They assure that it is inconsistent with Amazon policysince it can be used for the theft of bank cards.

In the event that a seller decides to put this product up for sale, from Amazon they indicate that they give them 48 hours to remove it or they will cancel the account. It must be borne in mind that on this platform there are many users who offer all kinds of products for sale. In addition, countries like Brazil are also restricting the sale of this type of device.

The problem comes when software or hardware (as in this case) is used for evil. What can be a very useful tool to learn about cybersecurity and test our own devices, can be used to attack third parties. Some examples are the bank card theftWi-Fi networks, etc.

You can still buy Flipper Zero

that they have Banned the sale of Flipper Zero on Amazon It does not mean that it is impossible to buy it. It is true that you will no longer be able to purchase it through this popular online platform, but there are other means through which you will be able to continue buying this device. Therefore, it does not disappear from the Internet.

The clearest example is that you can go to the official Flipper Zero store and buy it there. You will see that there is stock. In addition, you can also buy additional components, such as cases, plates, screen protectors, etc. You will find all this simply by taking a look at its website.

But just make one google search and you will find other sites where you can also buy Flipper Zero. For example, the Lab401 website. It is also on the Joom website or on Etsy.

Therefore, as you can see, Amazon has prohibited the sale of Flipper Zero on its platform. However, that does not mean that you cannot buy it online. There are many pages where, at least today, you will be able to buy this hacking device. You will also find websites to learn ethical hacking and test your devices.

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