AMD Threadripper 7000 will join CPU-Z in the second half of 2023

It was expected news, and although the official date is not known, everything indicates that during 2023 the new versions of AMD Threadripper 7000 ‘Storm Peak’ will be available on PC monitoring software, CPU-Z. The new range of CPUs in the software have been recently updated to ensure their efficiency to support new models.

However, it is unknown if a desktop version of Threadripper will be released in addition to workstation CPUs. Threadripper Pro which are already expected. To date, in these more than four years, AMD has not released a high-end desktop version with its series. Threadripper 3000as it happened with the irruption in the market of 3960X and 3970X in 2019.

The CPU-Z tool is widely used on PCs, since it allows you to identify the hardware components of a computer. With the new models of Threadripper 7000 receiving support in this tool an unprecedented advance is achieved.

Threadripper 7000 improvements

highlight a CPI increase which could be up to 10%, a increase in maximum working frequenciestranslated into a performance improvement with tasks that do not saturate the CPU beyond 50%, a level where the turbo mode remains quite high and a DDR5 memory supportas well as the PCIe Gen5 standard compatibility.

Threadripper 7000s are expected to be equipped with up to 96 cores and 192 threadsthe same quantity that will be possible to see in the processors EPYC Genoa more powerful. Regarding the maximum frequency, it is expected that it will reach 5GHz.

Threadripper ‘Storm Peak’ is anticipated to be a mass update with respect to Threadripper 5000 thanks to the incorporation of the zen cores 4which will have the support for the memories ddr5 and that will require a new socket TR5. It is expected that non-PRO models have support for four DDR5 channels and up to 64 lanes, while the PRO models They would have support for eight channels of DDR5 memory and 128 PCIe 5.0 lanes

CPU-Z 2.06 is the latest updated version of the tool that serves as support for the new series of processors, but also incorporates important new features and supports such as Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids. Similarly, it could be highlighted AMD Radeon RX 7600 (Navi 33XL), preliminary support for the AMD Storm Peak platform and Zhaoxin KX-6000G/4 CPUamong other improvements.

AMD’s Evolution in Efficiency

The company has increased performance with its top desktop processors, such as the Ryzen 9 7950Xwhich is presented as one of the most powerful CPUs and even far surpassing the AMD 3960X in multi-threaded tests like Cinebench R23 reaching a score of 38,000, even though it only has 16 cores compared to the 24 that the Threadripper CPU boasts.

Threadripper CPUs like the 3970X have more cores and outperform AMD’s main line of Ryzen CPUs, meaning they could offer performance boosts over the previous generation thanks to the Zen 4 desktop architecture. By having 24 or 32 Zen 4 cores, it could be located above the Ryzen CPUs of AMD and not affect the sales of Ryzen 9 7950X. It would be an average term, since the models Socket AM5 would be lower and the models Threadripper Pro more expensive.

AMD intends to commit to increasing multithreading performance over the next year, as Intel has outpaced it with its Core i9-13900K and 13900KS in various applications.

In this way, in its new Socket AM5 platform, AMD will incorporate all these improvements, just like Intel for its Meteor Lake CPUs next generation. All this would reduce the gap between the current models of AMD and Intel and encourage the installation of a Threadripper range of desktop. Therefore, there appear to be no benefits to a Threadripper 7000 desktop platform, except for the bandwidth of more memory channels and PCIe lanes.

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