Android 10 comes to Nintendo Switch 2021

The same people who originally brought Android to Nintendo Switch, The Switchroot team, are back with an update to Android 10 , according to XDA-Developers. While the mod is only available for certain Switch models, it allows users who install it to run apps from the Google Play Store, such as games, emulators, and streaming services like Netflix and Twitch.

The Android 10 update on Nintendo Switch also brings a bit more polish to the mod, allowing the joy-Con sticks to function as proper analog sticks rather than eight-way D-pads, deep sleep support that developers say “can last for weeks”, over the air. updates and better Wi-Fi support that promises fewer disconnections.

Of course, the real reason to add Android to a Switch is to be able to play games that are not Switch games , such as those that can be played with the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and PSP emulators on Play Store. You can see how they perform on the Switch in the video below. Of course you can also get other games from the Play Store like Genshin Impact or apps like Spotify. But it’s not giving up the ability to play Switch games, either. The reason? Android is installed on a microSD card rather than being flashed on the console itself.

It’s worth noting that Android on Switch is extraordinarily unofficial . The LineageOS team does not officially support the port, and it is more or less a modified version of the operating system that was intended for Nvidia’s Shield TV. The exploit to run Android also only works on Switches that appeared before Nintendo’s chipset and battery updates, which completely excludes the Switch Lite. Even if you own one of the modifiable Switches, which you can check with an online tool , some of the guides on how to enter the bootloader Android says it is possible to crash your Switch if you make a mistake. Extreme caution is advised.

There are also caveats, such as the fact that games created for Nvidia Shield do not work, according to the XDA forum post which acts as a guide on how to install the mod. However, the list of problems is much smaller than last time when the Android version was LineageOS 15.1, which was based on Android 8.1 Oreo. The new version is based on LineageOS 17.1, which is a build of Android 10.

Good to see that this mod from Nintendo Switch gets a little love and gets better over the years. The changelog below includes a host of updates, so it’s worth checking out if you’re running an older version.

  • Android 10 based on Lineage 17.1
  • OTA updates.
  • Full Joy-Con and Pro Controller support with analog sticks and rails.
  • Support Hori Joy-Con.
  • Deep sleep that can last for weeks.
  • A compilation based on Android TV.
  • Reworked fan profiles for quieter operation.
  • Optimized dock support with resolution scaling.
  • A rewritten charger driver that supports USB-PD and third-party ports.
  • Optimized touch screen driver.
  • Easier installation via hekate partition tool.
  • Reworked, simpler power profiles.
  • Much improved WiFi controller with less dropouts.
  • Shield TV remote app support for easy docked control.
  • Reboot for payload support.
  • Enhanced Bluetooth accessory support.
  • Support auto rotate.


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