Apple insists its employees on the end of teleworking by September

Apple park

It is certainly being an intense soap opera on the part of Apple and its employees. From the company they remain firm in the decision made on the back to work for the month of September for all your employees and thus end the telework that thousands of them continue to do. Many of these employees are against this decision and there were several complaints about it that even reached the CEO of the company, Tin Cook.

Earlier this month, Cook himself sent an internal letter to employees outlining the company’s plan to return to work in person for three days a week for the following September. This does not seem to be well received by the employees although it is undoubtedly a return to work that more than one of us would like, but in short they are within their right to complain and they did so or made it known to the company itself after the announcement.

Own Deirdre O’Brien, again responded to the complaints with a video sent to staff and leaked on the popular medium, The Verge. Apple’s senior vice president of commerce and personnel said that working in person is “essential” to continue to improve Apple products and its company culture and that it is key to the launch and development of new products.

Of course, such a situation had never been experienced by Apple and obviously by any other current technology company, but ultimately the important thing here is to establish a relationship as close as possible to family life and employment.

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