Arcade 1 Up relaunches the classic Simpsons videogame from 1991

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic arcade game THE Simpson of Konami (and maybe Homer Simpsons 65th birthday?), Arcade 1 Up is preparing to include the game as part of its range of retro 3/4 scale arcade cabinets.

The cabinet The Simpsons will include 4-player controls, Wi-Fi online co-op play, vintage art, a riser, and a second bonus game, currently unannounced.

With the new Arcade 1 Up of the Simpsons fights are back in the streets of Springfield

For all those who are too young and have not had the opportunity to fill the cabinets with tokens Konami of the 90s while having fun with this fantastic title.

The arcade game of the Simpson is a side scrolling fighting game that allows a 4 players to take on the roles of Homer, Marge, Bart or Lisa and fight off waves of enemies in an attempt to save Maggie from Mr. Burns.

One of the great things is that the characters have their own unique fighting styles. For example, Bart tests his skateboard while Marge wields a vacuum cleaner.

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Pre-orders for the cabinet of the videogame of the Simpsons of Arcade 1 Up they should be open on 15th of July (the second game included in the cabinet will be announced at that time). The price has not been announced, but is expected to be around 500 dollars (about 420 Euros) if we are based on the price of cabinets with similar characteristics, such as that of NBA Jam which was launched at precisely this figure.

Anyway, suck your sock!

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