Are You Ready To Invest In Vinyl Music?

Despite audio streaming apps and video on demand winning a huge percentage of consumers in the music market, there’s an old tech that stayed alive and kicking. The vinyl music format sales are strangely high, and it has outlived many new inventions intended to replace it.

To add to the surprise, data gathered through sales revealed that these buyers come from various demographics, including the younger generation. This revelation means that Baby Boomers and early Millenials, who lived back in the era where you only had to choose between a turntable and a cassette, are not alone in this hobby.

Before jumping into the fad, it is crucial to know that vinyl costs are exponentially higher than acquiring digital copies or subscribing to streaming apps. If that only makes you eager to start investing in vinyl music, let’s see if you’re ready to commit to this new interest.

Consider Overall Cost

Vinyl album cost is not the only thing to worry about. After all, it won’t play on its own. Check record player prices in different marketplaces and compare. When it comes to this equipment, you get what you pay for. As such, stay away from deals that are too good to be true.

It is easy to find original vinyl record players. However, prices of new releases are almost the same between online stores. Discogs, CD Japan, and Amazon are some of the trusted sellers of vinyl copies.

On the other hand, recurring maintenance cost adds up quickly. Some of these items include cleaning materials, furnishings, and replacement styli. While most of these are cheap, the extra cartridges could make a rabbit hole in your wallet. Opt for sturdy choices like the Shure M91ED. These styli are economical spare needles with decent performance.

Does It Fit Your Lifestyle?

Digital copies are excellent for on-the-go listeners. On the other hand, record players are perfect for home buddies. If you don’t have the luxury of time to sit back and unwind, you may not enjoy your turntable and vinyl collection that often. Unless you can afford a dormant investment, maintaining a turntable is a bad idea.

People who own retro lounges or live in a classic home filled with antiques and wooden furniture may add a vintage-looking turntable into the ensemble. For as long as it’s regularly cleaned, it should serve as a gorgeous decor piece and a great conversation starter. For the further Guide you can Turntable Geek.

Are You Really Into Classics?

Nostalgia has become an overused marketing stunt since the boom of many social media platforms that we know today. Potential buyers would feel the need to relive the old times. Those who frequented concerts of rockstars and metal bands had this yearning to revisit their memories by listening through a piece of analog music equipment that is a turntable.

The mood of gently removing the vinyl rubber disc from its sleeve, putting it on the turntable, and lowering the tonearm is a special kind of sensation. As such, many would spend money to experience that feeling again. If you’re one of those who gets stirred by old memories, then investing in vinyl music may be a good thing for you.

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