Automating your home is cheaper than you think; Check it

The home automation It is something that increasingly interests more users. We have many devices available to make our home smarter. We can have greater control, automate tasks and even save on the electricity bill. Now, is it really expensive to automate your home? In this article we are going to show why it is cheaper than many of us may think at first.

Making a smart home is not expensive

Although we can make a smart home by buying very different devices and some of them can be much more expensive, the truth is that it is not that expensive, at least for something basic. If you want to start automating your home, have control of light bulbs, appliances or create automated tasks, you don’t need a huge investment.

But how much can it cost you? One of the first steps that many of us take when we start to automate a home is to buy wifi bulbs or smart. In recent years, its price has dropped a lot and we can find many available. From €8-10 you can find a light bulb. Even for less, especially if you buy them in a pack.

Home automation is not just using smart bulbs. Possibly you want to control the turning on and off of some appliances. For example, you may want to turn on the coffee maker or even the air conditioning, without having to be at home. Do you need to buy a new air for it? The answer is no, since thanks to a smart plug you can control certain devices.

A smart plug it is not expensive. From €11-13 you can find some models available. These small devices will give you greater control, since you can remotely turn them on or off, as well as connect them to virtual assistants like Alexa.

Smart speakers and sensors

Another type of device that you can buy for little money is a smart speaker. You will find different models and new versions of the same brand appear. With the passage of time, they adapt more to the needs of users and have more functions. But if you are not interested in the latest model and want to get started with home automation, you can buy a smart speaker for even less than €20.

You can also install smart sensors in your home to domotize it. For example, temperature, humidity, gas sensors… They will also serve to improve security and avoid problems, while you can access this information from your mobile, no matter where you are, and receive alerts. These sensors are not expensive, although it will depend on the type and characteristics. However, it is another way to start automating a house without spending a lot of money.

In addition, other devices that you can include are smart locks, air conditioning, security systems… In these cases, the investment will be greater, but it is not a very large outlay, especially if we also think about the savings that we can have. For example, a smart thermostat could save us on the bill and in the long run it is profitable.

In short, as you can see, getting started in home automation does not have to be expensive. You will find many options and some devices you have for little money. You can gradually add more devices.

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