Avoid misusing these devices at home if you want to save light

Devices that you must control to save

It is clear that not all the appliances we have at home consume the same. There are some that can represent a very important part of the electricity bill. A clear example is the refrigerator, which can even account for 30% of the total in some cases. Avoid errors in these devices is key.


The first thing you should check is the refrigerator. If you aim to save on your electricity bill, don’t make mistakes with this appliance. It is undoubtedly one of the most consuming and therefore you will be able to save energy if you use it correctly. Check very well how you have it configured.

The key is in the temperature. Each degree can make you save or spend over 7%. Do not put it at a lower temperature than necessary. In addition, you should avoid placing it near heat sources that affect consumption.


Heating is also another device that will consume a lot of energy in the winter months. As in the case of the refrigerator, adjust the temperature well it can make you save electricity. Avoid setting it too high, as each degree will increase consumption and you really don’t need it beyond 20-21 degrees.

You can always use a smart thermostat, to better manage the temperature. Of course, it is important to have good Wi-Fi coverage. In this way, you can better control consumption.


Something similar happens with air conditioning. It is another device that can become a significant cost in the electricity bill. You need to manage the temperature well, whether you use it to cool the house in summer, or use it in winter to raise the room a few degrees.

One more time, every grade more or less can cause consumption to increase. Don’t put it too high in winter, and don’t put it too low in summer.


In order to save on the electricity bill, another device that you should control correctly is the dishwasher. Although it is not always working like the refrigerator, nor for as many hours as it can happen with air conditioning or heating, it is another device that will consume a lot of resources when it works.

When the dishwasher consumes the most, it is when heating the water. Therefore, to save the best thing you can do is use Eco programs, with low consumption, so that it washes with cold water or not too hot. That will help save energy.

Washing machine

The washing machine It is another appliance that consumes a lot of electricity. Also use Eco programs, since this way you will wash with cold water and consume less energy. It is a very useful measure to save on the electricity bill each month, although the consumption is not the same depending on the model you have.

It’s also a good idea to use common sense tips, such as only using the washer when it’s full. That will help you make the most of resources and not be wasting energy.

As you can see, to save on the electricity bill it is important to control the devices that consume a lot. We have put some examples that you should manage well so as not to spend more than necessary each month.

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