Azul: Queen’s Garden, announced a new title in the series

Next Move Games announced via social media the arrival in a few weeks of the fourth iteration of his board game of placement: it is Azul: Queen’s Garden, once again set in the Palace of Sintra.

But compared to the three predecessors, the author Michael Kiesling changed a fundamental component of the game; let’s see which one.

Azul: Queen’s Garden, here is the new title of the “Portuguese” series

After having worked as glass artists for the King, this time we will take on the role of gardeners, engaged in the construction of a magnificent garden in the royal residence dedicated to Queen Maria of Aragon. The most important novelty concerns the tiles that we will place, which pass from a square to a hexagonal shape.

The description of the game speaks of an innovative drafting system as regards the tiles, which will then be positioned according to schemes and colors that allow us to obtain the greatest number of points possible; Unfortunately, we still know little about the details of the game.

But the wait is not destined to last: Next Move Games has indeed declared that the new Azul: Queen’s Garden will be available already during the Essen Speil 2021 fair, scheduled to start next October 14th.

The previous titles of the Azul series, as we know, are published in Italy by Ghenos Games (Terraforming Mars; Wingspan); for now, but it must be said that the news is really fresh, Ghenos has not announced the location; but the success of the series (which has sold over 2 million copies), gives us hope to see Queen’s Garden in our language too. Stay tuned!

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