Back to the Future 3: Playmobil advent calendar available!

Ok, I’ve long been aware of that Playmobil, the company that I have always associated with the creation of “action figures for children” (the ones who were small, not us from the 80s) started to reinvent itself by throwing on the market some fantastic products related to pop culture (did someone say USS Enterprise? ). But no one had warned me of the existence of a advent calendar entirely dedicated to Back to the Future!

Here is the advent calendar of Back to the Future 3 from Playmobil

On Amazon Italy, TO THIS ADDRESS, is available now on Back to the Future 3 Playmobil advent calendar, containing 24 Christmas surprises in total, directly from the third film of the trilogy.

Surprises like the dog Copernicus, the letter from 1885, a vintage camera and a diorama with the clock tower under construction and even a Playmobil version by Clara Clayton (Mary Steenburgen).

The calendar costs € 34.99 and, in addition to the surprises to discover every day in view of Christmas, it also includes the sets to recreate some of the most epic moments of the Robert Zemeckis film, for a total of 4 scenes.

Oh, and if all this is not enough for you, we will also find ourselves waiting in the calendar the pieces to modify our DeLorean Playmobil as seen by Doc Brown in Back to the Future Part III; vintage tires included!

Obviously, since this set is dedicated to the third film of the saga, there are also the advent calendars of the first two films (but, apparently, only that of Back to the Future 1 seems to be the only one easily available).

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