Basic steps if you see that the router does not work well

Basic points to check if the router works well

When we don’t have internet or there is some problem, we usually think about it router as the main cause. It may be, but the truth is that it may be an error in the computer or mobile we use, the wiring, the line … It is important to check some points to see where the problem is. Sometimes it is simply because Windows does not recognize the network card.

Turn the router off and on

The first thing we must do and the most basic thing is reboot the router. This in many occasions solves small problems that may appear. For example if we have many connected computers and there has been a conflict with the requests or it has been directly saturated.

Now, you have to restart it correctly. It is not enough to turn it off and on quickly, but we must leave it off for at least 30 seconds and then turn it on again. This way we will make this restart fully effective.

Change the Ethernet cable

Have other Ethernet cable? This is one of the most important elements if we connect by wire. Sometimes it deteriorates or even a connector breaks due to a bad movement, either on the side of the router or the equipment that we are using to connect.

We can always check if it is a router failure or not by using another cable and see if this solves the problem. We must also take into account the type of cable, since to have the maximum fiber speed it is important that it be at least CAT 5e.

Try connecting by cable and Wi-Fi

Maybe the router works but you have a problem either by cable or Wi-Fi. Therefore, another basic tip is to try to connect our device in another way. That is, if for example we are using a laptop over Wi-Fi, then try to connect it by cable and see what happens. The same on the contrary.

This step will rule out that it is a general problem and that it may affect only the Wi-Fi network or the Ethernet ports of the router. This way we will know if we should change cables, change the LAN port or see if there is any bad configuration with the wireless network.

Use another device

Of course another essential tip is to try with any other device. Is it a problem with the router or with that computer or mobile that we are using? There is nothing better than using another device and thus testing if we can navigate or not.

This can also indicate that perhaps the fault is in the equipment we use. For example, sometimes the Wi-Fi configuration does not appear in Windows due to a problem with an update, virus, etc.

In short, these are some essential steps that we must take if we see that there may be a fault with the router. This will allow us to download errors and check to what extent we can solve the error.

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