Basic tips for caring for your router

There is no doubt that the router is a fundamental piece for our Internet connections. It is the device that allows us to connect computers, mobile phones, televisions and any other device to the network. However, sometimes it does not work well and it is because we do not take care of it as we should. In this article we will explain what basic care should a router have to boost speed and avoid problems.

How to Avoid Common Router Problems

Sometimes he router it overheats, we see that the coverage is not what it should be or even the devices are disconnected. The causes can be several, but in many cases it occurs due to an error that we have made or poor care with this device. That is why it is convenient to know some tips.

Move the router away from heat sources

A mistake that many users make is to put the router in an area of ​​the house where there is not good ventilation. For example, put it on a piece of furniture under a video player, next to the television or any other device. This will cause you to overheat, as they are heat sources.

But the same happens if we simply put a free on top and it cannot pass the air correctly. Even put it next to a window from where it receives direct sunlight. All of this is going to cause it to overheat and malfunction.

Be careful what you put next

Everything we put near the router, even if it is not glued, can influence the signal. For example, a Bluetooth device that causes failures in the 2.4 GHz band. This will cause interference and poor coverage.

The signal can also be affected if, for example, we place a piece of furniture right next to it and that blocks the signal. Walls, walls, metal plates … This influences the coverage and we could have difficulties connecting from further afield.

Have the device updated

Of course, another key tip is have the router updated correctly. We must always have the latest firmware version to keep the device in good condition. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise and that makes the connection not work as it should.

One of the common router problems is getting it out of date. This is the reason why the signal can be weak, we can suffer continuous cuts or not reach the Internet speed that we really have contracted.

Always increase protection

On the other hand, improve the security it is also very important. Here it is vital to have a good password both for Wi-Fi and to access the router’s settings. We must always use random keys, containing letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers and other special symbols. We should never leave the password that comes from the factory.

But also, the encryption we use is essential. Here it is important to avoid obsolete ones, such as WEP encryption. You must use WPA-2 or the latest version WPA-3. In this way we will have adequate protection and reduce the risk of problems.

Ultimately, these are some important questions to get the router to work properly. It is essential to avoid common mistakes that can affect safety and proper operation.

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