Basic tricks so that the router does not lose speed

Tips to make the router work fast

Over time, devices can start to malfunction. In the case of the router, the normal thing is that it translates into faults of stability, loss of signal and, the most common, worse speed. We can avoid this if we take into account some recommendations to keep everything in good condition.

Have the router updated

A very important point is to have our devices always updated. Updating the router firmware is essential for a number of reasons. On the one hand, we are going to achieve the best possible performance, since each new update usually includes some changes that will help improve speed, quality and stability.

But on the other hand we must also be aware of the importance of security. We must prevent the device from having vulnerabilities that can be exploited. This, indirectly, would also affect performance and speed. You always have to know that the router works well.

Avoid intruders

Of course we must also take into account the importance of avoiding intruders on our router. If we have an insecure network that anyone can access, that could lead to loss of speed, outages and, ultimately, a malfunction.

To avoid intruders, something essential is to have a good password on the Wi-Fi network. It must be totally random, have letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols. But we must also create a strong key for access to the device itself.

The encryption that we use will be decisive to avoid intruders. We must avoid obsolete ones such as WEP encryption. You have to use the most recent ones, such as WPA-2 or WPA-3, which are the ones that will best protect us.

Keep the connectors in good condition

The Ethernet ports and the network cable that we use must work correctly. Over time they can deteriorate and affect the performance connection. Especially the cable and connectors can be damaged.

This means that we must take good care of all the material that surrounds the router and, if necessary, acquire new cables. This will also help to maintain everything correctly and avoid loss of speed that can affect the devices that we connect.

Put it in the right place

Do we have the router correctly positioned? It is not only necessary to take into account the Location to distribute the connection well, but also to avoid problems over time that can affect the speed and performance of the device.

It is important that it is not in a place where it receives direct sunlight, nor is it very hot, something that could happen if we put it near other devices. All of this could significantly affect how it works.

In short, these are some essential questions that we can take into account to make the router work correctly and not have a loss of speed. It is essential to connect our teams and that everything goes well.

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