Facebook Sharing: How To Make Your Post Shareable

Sharing information and updates online through Facebook is one way to get one’s audience engaged. Facebook is one of the best platforms that connect people worldwide. Often, users come across a valuable idea worthy of sharing with friends on Facebook. But, the shareability of the individual post might be limited, and the share option might be unavailable. This begs the question of Facebook sharing: how to make your post shareable.

One of the main appeals of Facebook is the ability to share engaging content with the public. This sharing feature allows users to spread posts to a broader audience. So, as a new or existing Facebook user, wondering how to make content shareable on Facebook, there are some tips to achieve that.

This informative guide provides insights on everything there is to know about making a Facebook post shareable.

Facebook Sharing: How To Make Your Post Shareable [Step By Step]

Facebook Sharing: How To Make Your Post Shareable

Facebook has billions of active users who continually share one content or another. When a post is engaging, people are more likely to share the content. With Facebook, individuals can share any content of their friends that is informative or entertaining. However, when the audience cannot share a post on Facebook, the user needs to change the privacy settings.

Facebook’s sharing feature enables users to gain more visibility, boosting engagement. So, considering the whooping number of people that use Facebook, sharing content maximizes the user’s reach. Thus, individuals can buy Facebook post shares to gain media visibility for their brand or businesses. Apart from buying Facebook shares, the user still needs to follow simple steps to make the content shareable. Here are six few effective strategies:

Step 1: Add a Call To Action

Over time, one strategy that gives excellent results is adding a call-to-action button to the write-up. A call-to-action promotes the content, urging the individual to take action. A call-to-action (CTA) encourages the audience to take instant steps such as Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, and Watch Video. The CTA button boosts the actions of the audience on the post.

Adding a call-to-action to a post makes the content shareable. These tactics increase visibility on the post. Also, adding a CTA to a write-up increases the metrics like shares, reactions, likes and comments. CTA causes vast traffic on a Facebook page. It enables brands and businesses to bring out their objectives and also redirects the viewer to take immediate action.

Hence, adding a call-to-action to a post increases the audience’s reactions and helps the user to create massive engagement on the content. Facebook also allows a host of CTA buttons. Some of these buttons automatically share the write-up with a broader audience.

Step 2: Use Relevant Images and Videos

Visual content like images and videos is another good way to receive more comments, likes and share. Using relevant images and videos in a write-up increases engagement. Humans are more likely to pay attention to fancy images and videos than a long wall of text. So, when a picture or video is used as content on Facebook, it sends a good message to the audience and improves the shareability rate.

On Facebook, individuals share more images and videos that resonate with them.  Aesthetically pleasing images and videos can create either informative or entertaining content. When the contents appeal to the viewers, the number of shares, likes and comments goes up.

However, for a Facebook user that wants to maximize his reach, the individual should attach fancy images and videos relevant to the information. The use of relevant images and videos triggers the followers to engage in the post. Simply, adding stunning images and videos to content boost engagement.

Step 3: Use Compliment Cards

Compliment cards on Facebook are another effective tactic that makes content shareable. Compliment cards are one subtle means of self-promotion that boost media visibility on Facebook. With this card, the engagements of the audience increase.

When users use compliment cards in a post, it triggers the audience to engage with the said content. Using compliment cards on Facebook makes the write-up conversational. They make the post more relatable to the followers. Therefore, compliment cards spark up massive engagement on the content. This means that more people will share, like, and comment on the write-up. With compliment cards on a Facebook post, most users will spread the content with their audience and friends.

Step 4: Use Quotes from Others

Using relevant quotes from others and tagging them is another simple way to increase engagement on Facebook content. Writing an engaging post with quotes is a tested strategy that increases shares. When a write-up is engaging and informative, it triggers interaction amongst the audience. In general, people love to share contents that contain popular quotes. So, when creating a useful post, the user can add motivational or inspirational quotes. Adding relevant quotes to a write-up is one primary step to gaining more reach on Facebook.

Therefore, the quotes can be added between the text or as an image. It increases the value of the contents. The audience will likely have a huge interest to share with friends. Using quotes from others in content also appeals to powerful emotions in the audience. When relevant quotes are embedded in a post, it enhances the interest of the audience to engage the content.

Step 5: Write In A Conversational Tone

Facebook is a creative hub that promotes interaction amongst persons across the globe. Facebook is not a one-country social network. It has subscribers from individuals all over the world. With this in mind, there is a need for the user to write in a conversational tone. Writing in a conversational tone makes the content socially engaging and relatable. The audience on Facebook appeals more to a write-up with a conversational tone.

The Facebook user can write the content in a conversational tone using open and closed questions. Using a conversational tone in content spurs the audience’s response. It triggers them to share, like and comment. The user should try to respond to the followers’ comments, which drives traffic to the page. Writing in this manner shows the follower that the user cares and has them in mind. This will boost the engagement of the individual post.

Step 6: Use An Attention Grabber

Facebook followers tend to relate more to content that grabs their attention. The user needs to find a way to attract the attention of the audience. Attention grabber is an initial touchpoint that makes the audience engage with the content. Engagement is done through likes, shares and comments. Using an attention grabber creates a kind of affinity and trust between the user and the audience.

Attention grabber could be a giveaway, meme, video, invitation, incentive, quote, comic, fun, etc. The attention grabbers could be attached at the beginning or end of the content. Attention grabbers are effective ways to increase engagement on a page. They help to entertain the audience and at the same time keep them engaged on the post. Thus, using attention grabbers makes the followers feel connected to the page and also triggers them to share the content.

How To Make Facebook Posts Shareable

Facebook users can make content shareable by editing the privacy settings on the post. The privacy settings govern some aspects of a Facebook profile. This implies that the user can control who views, likes, comments or shares the post. To make an individual post shareable, the user can tweak the post’s privacy settings. To do this, the Facebook user needs to follow the steps below.

  • Step One: Tap on the individual content that needs to be shareable.
  • Step Two: Navigate a three-dot icon that is situated at the top right corner of the post.
  • Step Three: At this point, a menu that includes Edit Privacy will be displayed. Select the Edit Privacy option.
  • Step Four: This will redirect the user to the privacy settings of that particular post. Next, the user should click on Public.
  • It automatically makes the content shareable. It allows everyone on Facebook to view, like, comment or share the post. Luckily, the Settings can be changed anytime following the same process.

How To Make All Your Future Posts Public

In the same way, it is possible to make individual contents shareable. Users can still make all future posts public and shareable. Turning on the option in the privacy settings can make all future posts public. Therefore, to make all future content public, edit the application’s privacy settings.

First, the user should click on the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the social app. Next, select Settings from the displayed options. Then, click on Privacy. The user should choose the ‘Who can see your future posts’ icon, then select Public or Friends. This makes all future posts shareable by the chosen audience. These settings can be revisited anytime to be reviewed or changed.

How To Schedule Facebook Posts On Profile, Groups And Pages

Although, posting and sharing content on Facebook is simple. But it can be time-consuming when it has to do with a group or page content. The whole task of setting reminders to post manually on profiles, groups and pages is not done anymore. Luckily, users can now schedule Facebook posts on profiles, groups and pages. The schedule post option is a hidden feature in the Facebook app. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to schedule Facebook posts.

  • Step One: Open the group or page on which you want to schedule a post.
  • Step Two: Create the content by selecting the What’s on your mind icon. Attach media or hashtags if relevant to the write-up.
  • Step Three: Click on the Calendar button situated at the bottom of the right corner.
  • Step Four: Next, the user should choose a date and time the content can be published. Then select Schedule.
  • Step Five: The post has been scheduled and will be published as per the timings the user selected.

Final Thoughts

Over time, Facebook has introduced several hidden features that have made sharing more accessible to users. When content is shareable on Facebook, it helps increase engagement and visibility. Therefore, the strategies explained in this informative guide, Facebook sharing: how to make your post shareable, will help users voice and spread opinions to a broader audience.

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