Battlefield 2042 will have crossplay, but will discriminate against older consoles

The Battlefield 2042 Technical Test

Battlefield 2042

Thanks to a publication by EA, today we already know more details of everything that will bring us one of the most desired installments of the saga Battlefield, And it is that all the hype that is being generated around this edition of the massively multiplayer is reaching levels that we had not seen before in the franchise. They have offered a lot of details about the specialists, the maps, the vehicles and the AI ​​of the soldiers, but if there is something that has caught our attention, it is in relation to the crossplay.

As they have told in the official publication, the trial period of the game will arrive at the end of summer, and there, a certain number of users (only a hundred players) will be able to jump to the Battlefield field well in advance to test the first minutes in the game.

To be part of that exclusive group of players who will be able to play Battlefield before anyone else, you will have to update your profile on the EA Playtesting portal to offer yourself as a tester, although this does not guarantee that you will receive the invitation.

Crossplay testing

Battlefield 2042

Among the functions that will be tested, will be the function of crossplay, that will allow players from different platforms to cross so that they can play in the same game regardless of which console or computer they do it from. Of course, as they have pointed out, it seems that this crossplay function will differentiate PC players and new generation consoles with respect to those users who do so from previous generation consoles such as Xbox One and PS4. (Tramadol)

Therefore, all users who continue playing from the “old consoles” will only be able to cross each other, not being able to participate in games where PC, Xbox Series X | S and PS5 players are. That will be the only existing limitation in the crossplay of Battlefield 2042, and it must be remembered that modern consoles will be capable of handling games of up to 128 players, while the previous generation consoles of only 64 playersNot to mention the maps, which will also have differences in sizes.

Take the data wherever you want

Battlefield 2042

Of course, EA has confirmed that the data of the game, including purchases and player profiles can be carried from one console to another regardless of versions of the game or anything similar, being able to take all the accessories that you buy on PlayStation to Xbox if you finally decided switch to the other console. In the publication that we leave you in the reading link, you can take a look at all the news they talk about. These are some of the most important points:

  • There will be a total of 10 different operators. So far 4 have been submitted.
  • They will have customized equipment consisting of main weapon, equipment, secondary weapon and thrown element.
  • The maps will be made up of clusters and sectors.
  • The skyscrapers will not be completely passable. There will be a ground floor with a reception and an upper floor with a roof terrace.
  • Vehicles can be called to appear at a specific time and place on the map.

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