Be careful with the plugs you use for your PLCs

In order to have the best Wi-Fi connection we can use different types of devices to help us optimize it. For example repeaters, which is common, but also others such as PLC devices. However, certain aspects must be taken into account so that they work correctly. In this article we will explain how plugs you use for your PLCs they can make them work worse or better.

How to properly connect the PLCs

The PLC devices They usually consist of two devices. One of them connects to the router and the other to another end of the house. Between them they are connected by the electrical network. They are very useful to carry the connection from one area to another and overcome possible obstacles. But of course, you have to connect them correctly. We can also connect PLC of different models.

If we want them to take full advantage of the performance and be able to offer a good speed and stability, we need to connect them to properly working electrical outlets. This is important and many users do not take it into account. We are going to see the main thing that cannot be missed.

Avoid using power strips

The first and foremost thing is to avoid connecting the PLCs to a strip. This must be applied both in the device that we connect to the router and the other that we put in any part of the house. A power strip is going to subtract power and can even make it impossible for us to connect, especially if we have other things connected there.

Therefore, our advice is to plug the PLCs directly into the wall. Each one in its place and that will help us avoid failures and make everything work correctly. The objective is that there is a minimum loss of speed.

Use plugs in good condition

Of course plugs must be in good condition. If we connect it to one that is damaged, does not connect correctly or is very old, we can have difficulties to make it work correctly and reach the speed we expect.

After all, wiring and plugs are the foundation of PLC devices. It is as if we use an Ethernet cable and the adapter is in bad condition. In the latter case, we could go from having a Gigabit Ethernet connection to just Fast Ethernet. Something like this could happen with PLCs.

Try not to have another device nearby

Even if we use a plug in good condition, we must also look at that there are no electrical appliances nearby. It may be that we even have several plugs together and there is a television connected, a computer or something else. This could interfere with the signal from the PLCs and cause them to malfunction.

Ideally, the plugs we choose are in good place and there are no other appliances connected nearby. Electrical devices could interfere and cause a decrease in signal quality.

In short, when you are going to install PLC devices to connect equipment in your home without problems, we must bear in mind that it is essential to choose very well which plug you are going to use, avoid power strips and also that there are other devices nearby. In this way you will achieve optimal speed and the dreaded cuts do not appear.

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