Beats Studio Buds delivery date now: July 22

Apple has just added delivery dates for the Beats Studio Buds headphones in some European countries and among these countries is ours. In this case, the Cupertino company adds the delivery date for next July 22, that is, for this coming Thursday.

Well, from their presentation we miss them a lot that Apple immediately put the headphones on sale even at the beginning of this month of July we wrote an article in which we talked about it, they were delaying too much the sale of these Beats and now they are available.

Surely if the demand is very high, the delivery times will begin to extend a little beyond July, even reaching the month of August if necessary. The headphones that They were presented on the Apple website without an event last June, specifically on the 15th, they are already available for purchase one month and five days later.

Analyst Jon Prosser predicted that the presentation of these Beats Studio Buds would be effective on July 21 and he was wrong at the time of the launch but he was indirectly correct with the sales date, since today is July 20 and Apple starts with the shipments of these headphones today to be delivered in a couple of days.

The 150 euros of price that these headphones have on the Apple website they are sure to raise sales in a significant way, There is no exact forecast on these figures but it is expected to be a good number. We will see over time how well these Beats Studio Buds have curdled.

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