Best Apps for College Students: What Can Help You Study

Can you imagine your student life without technology? Mobile applications are important tools for college students today. They allow them to optimize time and effort, improve their study habits and use new learning techniques. The following post is a guide on what are the best apps for students, whether to get organized in college, prepare for an exam, or take notes in class.

What are the best apps for students?

Nowadays, you can use your phone to study, buy term papers, and work. Mobile applications are computer programs that can be run on cell phones, computers, or tablets. This means that you will have access to them from anywhere and at any time. In this case, apps for students are designed to be educational and increase productivity.

There are many different options, there are even several applications that fulfill the same functions. Therefore, it is useful to classify them to understand their features and the advantages they provide.

Apps to get organized at university

Agendas, calendars, to-do lists, alarms, reminders, among other incredible tools you can find in apps to get organized. By using them correctly, you will have no problem remembering important tasks and evaluations, adjusting your class, studying, write essays, and leisure time. We recommend some of these:


Timetable is an application available for Android that works as a virtual academic agenda. In it, you can enter all relevant information about your class schedule and other curricular activities. Then, the app creates a calendar with all your pending tasks and sends you notifications so that you don’t miss anything.

It also organizes your class schedule with the structure or colors that help you remember. Timetable synchronizes with all your devices, so you can also view the information on your tablet or laptop. And if you’re worried about forgetting to turn off your phone during an exam, the app automatically silences your phone for the duration of the class.

The app combines a neat calendar with a to-do list. Like a personal assistant, this app updates your to-do list every day. Each time you complete a task, you mark it as completed and tracks your progress, giving you a comprehensive overview of how you are doing in your classes and exams.

With this application, you can divide your to-do lists into categories, e.g. work, college, internship, etc. Likewise, it allows you to create sub-tasks, add color codes and prioritize certain notifications. Even if you usually work in a team for university, it will be very easy to share reminders with your colleagues through


Sometimes you will have to carry out quite large projects at the university, resort to pay someone to do my essay, and organizing a whole team is not easy. The Trello application helps you manage your study group, create work plans, assign tasks, share documents and multimedia resources, set deadlines, comment on the performance of others, and so on.

Other advantages of Trello are that it allows you to share content stored in Google Drive and Dropbox, syncs with all your devices, and is available for Android and IOS. The organization is essential for the success of any project, so this app is ideal for teamwork.

Apps to study before an exam

Many students have difficulties when preparing for an exam on their own. It is probably because they have not found the most suitable study techniques for them. Currently, there are mobile apps that provide you with tools and resources to study and review the content of classes.


When it comes to memorizing concepts and characteristics, flashcards are an excellent option. With the Quizlet app, you can easily create all your flashcards and save them in groups according to the subject matter. Use different colors, text, and images, according to your needs.

Then, the app offers you several options of games and quizzes to review the content or practice what you have studied. For example, listen as the app reads aloud the flashcards for you, see one side of the flashcard and have to write what is on the other side, match the sides of the flashcards correctly, multiple-choice and true or false questions and answers.

Quizlet even keeps track of which flashcards you remember best, and which ones you need to keep working on, letting you know your progress.


With Quizzer you can create quizzes or exams with different study topics, so you can practice from your smartphone, or your computer. The quizzes contain true or false, multiple-choice, or open-ended questions.

In addition, it offers you to take the exam with or without a timer; exchange quizzes with other people who also use the app, and answer the tests built by your classmates. In the end, Quizzer tells you how many errors and correct answers you got.

Apps for taking notes in class

Taking good notes in class is very useful to review what you have learned, and to prepare for any evaluation. Some students have trouble with this activity, either because they get distracted in the classroom, don’t write fast, or have no idea what to do with all the information their teacher communicates.

Fortunately, you can count on apps that will make this task much easier:


Notes don’t have to be limited to long blocks of text. Instead, they should conform to the format that works best for you. SimpleMind is an application for creating mind maps and outlines, as many students find these summary structures much easier to understand and remember.

Apart from text, it is valid to incorporate images, videos, and voice memos. Basically, any resource to complement the information provided in class. Maps and diagrams are based on an association of ideas, first, a central theme is chosen, and then all the elements are developed.


Squid works like a notebook on your phone and tablet, as you can take notes in written form with your finger or with the help of a stylus. This app is especially useful for classes such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, drawing, and similar, where not so much text is used.

At the same time, you can import PDF documents and images, then write on them and highlight important parts. Other Squid functions involve saving notes in PNG, JPEG, and PDF format, as well as using them to create slideshows.

Office Lens

This mobile app can save a lot of time. You can use Office Lens to scan documents, books, whiteboards, photos… And then convert these images into files of different formats (PDF, Word), all with the camera of your cell phone or tablet.

Office Lens digitizes the photos and in the process also improves the quality of the images, so you can read them without difficulty. Don’t forget to link the app to the OneDrive platform to export images and documents.


Now that you know these options, choose the ones that seem most useful to you according to your degree and needs. Remember that there is a wide range of tools of this type that can help you to write essays, theses, or research papers. It is just a matter of analyzing what needs you are looking to satisfy and whether you are looking for a free option or would be willing to make a payment to be ready to browse the app stores.

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