best devices to connect by cable anywhere in the house

Using Wi-Fi is usually the most common option to connect devices to the Internet at home. However, there is also the alternative of being able to connect them by cable. At least, as long as they are compatible. For example, you can connect a television both via network cable and wirelessly. But can you do it anywhere in the home? We are going to show you a very useful option with which you can forget about Wi-Fi.

The reason not to connect wirelessly is to avoid instability or coverage problems. Maybe the signal does not reach well the area of ​​the house where you need to connect that TV, for example. There could be interference or any circumstance that prevents you from connecting to the Internet normally.

Use PLC devices

You have different options to improve your Internet connection at home. You can use devices that boost the signal in a specific area or that allow you to access from equipment that may have less power. However, they are normally aimed at connecting us wirelessly and not by cable.

Thanks to PLC devices, you will be able to take the connection to any place in your home. They work through electrical wiring. Basically, there are two devices: one you connect to the router and a socket, while the other you put in another socket, anywhere in your house where you need Internet.

The PLCs will allow you to connect both by Wi-Fi and by network wire. Of course, as long as they are compatible. There are models that only offer wireless connection, while others only have an Ethernet cable. Ideally, they have both options and you can choose the one that best suits you in each case.

When these devices are ready, you can put them in places where you have to connect something. For example, in a room where you want to connect a cable television, a computer, etc. You can even connect a mobile phone or tablet via Ethernet cable, as long as you have an adapter for it.

Locate your devices well

Beyond using PLC devices to be able to forget about Wi-Fi and connect devices by cable, it is essential that the place correctly. This is important to have a good connection and that some factors do not negatively influence it. For example, you should avoid placing your devices near other connected devices, as there may be interference.

It is also not a good idea to plug PLCs into a power strip. Ideally, they should be connected directly to the wall. This will prevent them from losing power and potentially affecting the performance of the connection. If you want maximum speed when you connect your television, computer or any device, avoid power strips.

On the other hand, although they can work quite well regardless of the distance In a regular home, you should not place them too far away. Furthermore, if you can use the same circuit in your home, the better to increase performance. It will also depend on the quality of the model you use.

In short, if you want to connect wired devices at home and not have to depend on Wi-Fi, we recommend using PLC devices. They work quite well, are useful and offer good performance. Always choose a guaranteed model that has good features.

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