If this happens to your PC, it means that it has a virus

There are many security attacks that we can suffer when browsing the Internet, connecting to a network or simply opening an email. However, when we have suffered an attack and there is a virus that has crept in, it is normal for our computer to start to malfunction and we see some signs. In this article we are going to talk about what can indicate that our PC has some type of malware.

Evidence that the computer has a virus

It is important detect security issues as soon as possible to take action before they can further affect our privacy and security. For this reason, there are some signs that appear on our PC and give us clues that there is something wrong, that perhaps we have some type of virus and we have to eliminate it.

The browser starts to go weird

The first sign that there is something wrong with the PC is when the browser it starts to go wrong. You can see that the pages load very slowly, but also that they start to appear constantly pop-ups, ads everywhere, tabs are opened that should not be open, etc.

Hackers usually attack the browser. In addition, there is the problem of adware that can affect when we install an extension, for example. This is what causes strange search bars, pop-ups or browser settings to start appearing incorrectly.

Takes a long time to turn on or off

You can also see that the computer takes too long to turn on or off. That may be due to malware that is slowing down the process or consuming too many resources. It is usually one of the first signs that something is wrong with Windows and other systems, so you have to be vigilant.

This can also be seen when using it on a daily basis. We can see that any habitual thing that we do can take longer than necessary. For example open files, copy and paste documents or any changes we make.

Apps close by themselves

If you see programs closing by themselves for no apparent reason, it may be because of some kind of malware. For example, if you are browsing the Internet and you see that Chrome or Firefox closes by itself, it is proof that something is wrong. The same thing happens if you are using applications like Word, Photoshop or similar and they do not open or close by themselves.

There are many viruses that directly attack certain applications so that they do not work properly. They can even send us messages indicating that we have to update them or download something to make them work properly again, but that is really nothing more than malware.

Files have disappeared or appeared

In this case what you will notice is that certain files disappear. For example folders you have with documents. There are types of malware that can be responsible for deleting system files and folders that you have saved.

The same can happen if you suddenly see strange files appearing. You are especially going to see shortcuts on the Windows desktop. This can happen when malware installs some kind of unwanted software on the system.

In short, as you can see, these signs are going to indicate that your PC has some type of malware. It is important to take measures to prevent this and always protect the safety of all devices. Using antivirus, keeping everything up to date and of course maintaining common sense is essential in these cases.

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