Bluetooth Radio Status Not Fixed: How to fix this problem in Windows

Bluetooth Error Radio Status Not Fixed

Maybe at one point, when using Windows 10, we will encounter this error. We get the message to verify the status of the Bluetooth radio or Bluetooth Radio Status Not Fixed. We can see this if we have Bluetooth in the system and not working properly. We do a test with the troubleshooter and we get that message.

Fortunately, when error messages of this type appear, we can take into account certain steps that will help us to solve it. Some are very simple to carry out and can come in handy for many problems that we may have at any given time.

Restart the system

Something basic that we can take into account is simply Restart your computer. When problems of this type appear related to wireless connections, either with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, a first step we must take is to restart the computer.

Sometimes complications can arise, small failures, which will cause errors in the devices that we have connected. There may be some error at the software level and that, ultimately, prevents everything from working properly. This means that we must restart the computer and be able to resolve certain errors.

Update firmware

We always say that it is very important to keep updated equipment correctly. This also applies to any external device that we connect to the computer, as well as any program or tool that we use.

It is essential to achieve the best performance, but also to avoid security problems. Sometimes vulnerabilities appear that can be exploited and it is convenient to have the latest versions and correct them. In the case of the Bluetooth bug we are dealing with, it could be due to outdated firmware.

To update it we have to go to Start, enter Device Manager, go to Bluetooth, select the corresponding device and click the right mouse button to click Update driver.

Reinstall the firmware

Additionally, another possibility is to reinstall firmware. Sometimes updating cannot be solved and there may even be no update available. However, there could be a problem that affects the version that we have installed and this will prevent it from working correctly.

We have to go back to Home, enter the Device Manager, Bluetooth and select the one that corresponds. On this occasion, by clicking the right mouse button, we are going to click Uninstall. Later we will add it again.

Restart the Windows Bluetooth service

Another option that we have at our disposal is to restart Bluetooth service Windows. It can also help us fix bugs like this one we mentioned about Bluetooth Radio Status Not Fixed error.

To do this we have to go to Start, write Services and open the tool. There we will see a large number of services running on Windows. The one we are interested in is Bluetooth Support Service.

Restart the Bluetooth service

In this way we are going to restart the service. In case there is a problem, I could solve it. It is a simple and fast process, but it can be very useful in these cases.

Turn Bluetooth off and on

Similar to what we mentioned about restarting the computer, we can also Turn on and turn off the Bluetooth. In this case we mean both at the system level and also at the physical level, in the case of a device that we have connected by Bluetooth.

At the system level we can go to Start, enter Settings and go to Devices. There we will find the option of Bluetooth and other devices. There we will see the button to activate or deactivate the device. We simply have to give it to deactivate and, later, to activate it again.

Turn Bluetooth on or off

We can also take into account the possibility of disconnecting it from the computer. We can do this if it is a device that we connect via USB. We just have to remove it and put it back. We could even try to change it to another port.

Repair damaged files

Windows has different built-in tools to solve possible corrupted files. On many occasions, this type of problem can compromise the proper functioning of certain devices or programs that we use.

One option we have is to execute SFC / scannow. To do this we have to go to Start, enter the Command Prompt with administrator permissions and execute that command. It will be responsible for repairing and replacing any damaged files that may also be affecting Bluetooth.

There are also programs that we can install to review our operating system and installed files. In this way we will detect possible errors and be able to solve them so that everything works normally again.

Check for malware

Whenever errors of this type appear, one cause may be the malicious software. We can be victims of one of the many security threats that exist in the network. Hackers can find a way to attack our computers and make Bluetooth or any other device malfunction.

Therefore, what we are going to do is check that there is no malware. For this we can use a good antivirus that scans the entire computer and can eliminate possible malicious files. There are also other tools like a firewall that can help us block insecure connections.

In short, by following these steps we can solve the problem of Bluetooth Radio Status Not Fixed. It is an error that could interfere with the proper functioning of the device and affects us in our day to day. You just have to follow these tips that we have mentioned and we can solve this complication in Windows 10.

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