Buy Windows 10 Pro now for only €5.57 and other licenses at GoDeal24

If you are interested in buying an original license for the Windows operating system or Microsoft’s office suite par excellence, today at GoDeal24 we have a large number of offers on licenses at a really competitive price. Currently when we buy a new PC, we can choose a version of the computer without the Windows operating system and save around €100. If you want to have your Windows activated and not have problems, it is best to buy a license on your own on websites like GoDeal24 that cost less than 6 euros. Do you want to know all the offers we have today?

Offers on Windows and Office licenses

Buying a Windows operating system license on the official Microsoft website is quite expensive, and we are talking about prices of around €250 for the Windows 10 Pro version, which we can later upgrade to the Windows 11 Pro operating system automatically. free. These prices are quite expensive compared to websites like GoDeal24 where we can buy really cheap licenses since they are OEM. Next, you have a list with all the offers in Windows licenses:

As you can see, thanks to these offers we are going to save a lot of money when buying original licenses and they will not give you any problem when it comes to activating the operating system.

One of the most important software for any Windows computer is the office suite par excellence, Microsoft Office. Buying a license for this suite in its Office 2021 version is quite expensive, however, with the offers that we have at GoDeal24 we will be able to save a lot of money when buying licenses for any version of Office. Below, you can see all the offers, without the need to enter any type of discount coupon, the price is final:

As you can see, we have the possibility to buy up to 5 licenses of the latest version of Microsoft Office 2021 for only €14.44 each, a great price if you want to save a lot of money.

GoDeal24 is one of the biggest software license resellers out there today, which is why you can buy really cheap Windows and Office licenses. We must remember that these licenses are OEM, however, their activation is done online like any other Microsoft license, you do not have to call a specific phone number to activate this license or anything.

Other Software Offers

GoDeal24 is not only specialized in Windows and Office licenses, we also have computer software. For example, we will be able to buy software licenses for Ashampoo PDF, IObit Driver Booster 9 PRO and much more. This website guarantees that all these licenses are 100% authentic and that they work correctly, as usual, what GoDeal24 does is buy software licenses from companies that are not going to use them anymore and then sell them to users like us.

The only thing we have to do is buy the product we want on the web, and we will automatically receive an email with all the information necessary to activate the product, and that is that we will receive the software license that we have purchased and also the step-by-step instructions. step for its easy and fast activation, with the aim of greatly facilitating this activation for users. Logically, the license keys are digital, that is, they will not send you a package home with the software, but simply a valid license code to activate the operating system, Office or any other software you have purchased.

In the event of having any problem with the purchase of the license or with the subsequent activation, you can contact the technical service through the email explaining the problem. They will answer you in a maximum of 24 hours.

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