Can You Win a Jackpot with A Casino Bonus?

The iGaming industry is now bigger than ever. Online casinos generate billions of dollars annually, and more people are interested in playing. The market has become so big that it might rival land-based casinos. Some are even predicting that it may overcome the ground-based predecessor shortly.

A major reason for the success of online casinos is the inclusion of various promotional offers. Bonus codes, free spins, match deposits, etc., heavily contribute to the industry’s success. However, many newbies may be unfamiliar with how these bonuses work. For example, many people aren’t sure whether you can win a jackpot using a casino bonus.

In this article, we will do our best to answer that question and delve into what casino bonuses are and how they work. If you are interested in iGaming, read to the end.

What are Casino Bonuses?

A casino bonus is any promotional offer that might entice a player. Usually, online casinos issue bonuses to enchant new players and to satisfy existing ones. Bonuses created for newcomers are often called Welcome Bonuses. As the name implies, you get to collect them when you first join the online casino.

For existing players, there are all sorts of different bonuses that they can take advantage of. A popular example is loyalty bonuses, issued yearly to customers stuck around that long. There are also VIP programs that existing players can join for some extra benefits. Of course, casino bonus codes are also a big part of iGaming.

But can you win the jackpot using a casino bonus? The question is more cut-and-dry than you might expect. Let us delve into the mechanics behind casino bonuses and come up with a satisfying answer.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

No matter which casino you are playing at, one thing remains a constant: bonuses always come with terms and conditions. Some players might be annoyed by a casino’s insistence to read the T&C. But trust us when we say that reading the bonus terms can only benefit the player.

Terms and conditions exist to benefit the casino and protect the player from misunderstandings regarding the casino bonuses. Often, these conditions impose strict restrictions on the bonus. One such restriction might be that you can’t use the bonus to win a jackpot.

If you’ve heard the story of one of the biggest jackpots, you might have been enticed to try it. And while chasing a jackpot is fine, we recommend reviewing your casino’s T&C and ensuring the bonus is valid for a progressive jackpot slot game.

Wagering Limits

One big pitfall of casino bonuses is that they come with wagering limits. For example, a stipulation for a bonus might be that you must wager a specific sum before you can get your hands on that bonus. For the most part, the sums are reasonable. However, sometimes, they can get a little too high.

Wagering limits may only sometimes be a matter of money, though. Sometimes, the problem might be the currency itself. Cryptocurrency now plays a huge role in social media and pop culture. While the crypto-boom entices many people, others prefer to stick to FIAT currency, which is why it is a problem when online casinos launch “crypto exclusive” bonuses.

To get a crypto-exclusive bonus, you must deposit and withdraw using cryptocurrency, which is excellent if you are already a fan. However, players with no interest in crypto are much more likely to drop the bonus and look elsewhere.

Is it Possible?

Finally, we come to this article’s main point: is winning a jackpot using a casino bonus possible? The answer is yes. It is possible. However, when discussing online casinos, we would much rather talk about “the probable” rather than “the possible.”

With most casinos imposing restrictive terms and conditions and wagering limits, it is not very likely that a player will be able to win a jackpot using a bonus. That is why we recommend treating gambling as a hobby.

Use the bonuses to explore new games you might not have touched otherwise. Place small bets over more extended periods. Please set up a bankroll and manage it responsibly. If you do all this, you will undoubtedly have a better time playing at online casinos. And then, if you are lucky, you might hit the jackpot.


What are casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses are promotional offers that most online casinos feature on their websites.

Why might a player use an online casino bonus?

There are plenty of reasons to use an online casino bonus. For example, you could use it to explore new games, test your luck, and place wagers for free.

Could I win a jackpot using an online casino bonus?

It is possible. However, it is very improbable. Most online casinos restrict the option to win a jackpot using a bonus. And even if they don’t, the likelihood of hitting a jackpot is very low.

What are bonus Terms and Conditions?

The bonus terms and conditions are restrictions on a bonus set up by the online casino. They may include wagering limits, minimum bet, and even the payment method you must use.

Can I wager at online casinos with cryptocurrency?

Yes. In fact, crypto has become a staple of most online casinos. You could easily find casinos that accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

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