Deep Rock Galactic will become a board game

Rock and stone… to the Board! An announcement of Ghost Ship Games illuminated the dark day of the miners of the company who are also passionate about board games: Deep Rock Galactic will become a board game, thanks to a campaign on the Kickstarter portal that will be launched next year.

Let’s go and discover something more all together, because in DRG no dwarf is left behind.

Deep Rock Galactic will become a board game

Here are the statements about the Søren Lundgaard, Ghost Ship CEO:

In addition to being video game lovers, many of us at Ghost Ship are also passionate board gamers, and we have dreamed of adapting to boardgame from the very beginning. In November 2020, I received an email from friends at Mood Publishing about collaborating on a board game project and immediately replied: Yes!

The title will be created by Ole Steiness, also author of Champions of Midgard. The project is to adapt DRG into a fully cooperative dungeon crawler for 1 to 4 players, just like what we see on screen. If you want to try Deep Rock Galactic you can find it on Steam and PS4, or for free on the Xbox Game Pass.

For now we don’t have much information more than this, but you can subscribe to the newsletter on the Ghost Ship Games website to stay updated on the launch date of the Kickstarter campaign, scheduled for 2022.

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