Care! This dangerous virus is back more powerful than ever; avoid being robbed

Surely you have heard of the Emotet threat. It has been one of the biggest cyber dangers in recent years. Sometimes we find it coming back again and right now we’re in one of those waves. The problem is that when it comes back, it comes back with more force, as hackers use novel techniques to avoid detection so they can attack better. Therefore, in this article we are going to explain what you should do to protect you from Emotet.

Emotet malware comes back more prepared

The main goal of cybercriminals using Emotet is to remain undetected. In this way they gain time to be able to act on the victim’s system. They can use it as a means to distribute some new threat. It’s a major problem when you consider that it has evolved since it first appeared.

But how does this malware get to our computers? Mainly is distributed via Phishing. Basically you will receive a fake email where they will somehow make you click on some link that contains a malicious file. Thus, by downloading that file, you will end up infected by Emotet. They usually use an Excel file as a lure and will ask the victim to download it to a specific Windows folder considered safe and thus be able to run macros.

When you end up infected, attackers can obtain confidential information, steal data, passwords, etc. The latest news is that it has the ability to steal bank card details through Google Chrome. They are also spreading other varieties of malware such as IcedID and Bumblebee.

Security researchers agree that it has evolved quite a bit in recent years and that makes it a more dangerous threat. The attackers are going to have a greater capacity to achieve their objective and that means that we must take extreme precautions.

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How to protect yourself from Emotet

So what should we do to protect ourselves from Emotet and other similar threats? Something that cannot be missing is the common sense and avoid making mistakes. As you can see, this malware is distributed through fake emails. They use Phishing attacks so that you fall into the trap and end up clicking on a link that you should not. Avoid that. Always check the emails you receive very well and never click on where you cannot trust 100%.

It is also essential that you have All updated. These types of threats often take advantage of vulnerabilities in Windows or any other operating system you use. If you always have the latest versions installed, that will help you fix bugs and make everything work as well as possible. Of course, it is important to update everything correctly.

Also, it’s a good idea to have a quality anti virus installed. This is essential to detect malicious software. You will find many options, both free and paid. Always make sure to use one that is guaranteed. For example Windows Defender or Avast are good options.

In short, as you can see Emotet is back and stronger than ever. You need to take steps to avoid being a victim and maintain security at all times to protect your data and prevent equipment from malfunctioning.

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