Careful! Never press this button that comes with your router or you will have problems

What happens if you press the WPS button on the router

It does not come in all models, but it is common to find a router that has a button that says WPS. Their mission is simply to connect devices faster and easier. It is normal that you have a complex password on Wi-Fi and if not, you should change it today. That means that you will have to put it on when you connect a device, such as a security camera, smart bulbs, a wireless repeater…

For facilitate that connection and make it faster, simply what you do is click on the WPS router. What it does is search for devices that are trying to connect and connect them automatically, without the need to enter any password. Avoid problems like getting confused in a letter or a number when entering the password, for example.

Pressing the WPS button opens a window of about two minutes for connect devices. Not all devices are compatible with this function, although it is not difficult today to find devices that can connect in this way.

The problem? Just as you will be able to connect any device you have at home, also a third person could connect. That is, anyone who at that moment tries to connect a device to your router could do so without having to enter passwords. What’s more, you could have your router in a public place, such as an office, and have someone physically press it to connect a device.

Logically these are unusual situations. It is complicated that just at the moment you press the WPS button, you have a neighbor trying to connect to a network. But depending on where you live and the knowledge of a hypothetical intruder, they could eventually exploit this function and gain access to your network.

Disable WPS or create a guest network, good options

If you want to maximize the security of your router and avoid intruders on the network, the best thing you can do is disable WPS button. In case your router has this function, you will be able to access the settings and disable it there. In this way, that button will no longer be available to connect other devices.

You may think that this button is useful when guests come to your house. You simply press it and they connect to the network without putting passwords and if their devices are compatible. But you have another better option: create a guest network. This provides greater security and will avoid problems that may affect you.

So, as you see using the router wps button It may seem useful but it could also be a problem for your security. Our advice is to use it with caution and, if possible, disable it if you don’t need it. You will avoid problems in the future in case there may be a vulnerability and they exploit it. Keep in mind that there are methods to crack WPS.

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