Chang’an, in January on Kickstarter with Deer Games

Deer Games has announced the arrival of the Chang’an board game, which will land on the crowdfunding platform next January Kickstarter.

Let’s take a look at this title with an oriental flavor.

Chang’an, in January on Kickstarter and in Italian with 3 Emme Games

Chang’an is a board game set in China, in the ancient capital of the empire of the same name during the Tang dynasty. In this title, created by Nestore Mangone and Carlo Camarotto, the city whose name means “Eternal Peace” must be renewed. The emperor then called to himself the best urban planners who, through a card game with engine building and resource management mechanics, will have to create the best and most beautiful districts of the capital, thus winning the favors of the imperial court.

It is a game for 2 to 4 players whose duration is around 45 minutes. On our turn we will choose an action between searching for cards, producing resources or building parts of our district. The end of the game is triggered by a player placing the ninth card on his board, after which he proceeds to count the victory points and thus determine the best urban planner in Chang’an!

You can see a preview of the game on the official website of Deer Games, former publisher of Momiji. Chang’an’s Kickstarter campaign will start on January 11th. For now there are still no official and defined agreements regarding localizations in Italian, but we know from direct sources of Deer Games that the publisher is already talking with Italian publishers to bring it also in our language. For all the latest news about Chang’an, and many other board games, stay tuned!

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