Check these 10 settings on your router so you don’t get hacked

But not only the Wi-Fi password matters, but also the access to the router itself. It is also essential to avoid security problems, since if someone were to enter they could steal the Wi-Fi password or change any configuration parameter and jeopardize its operation.

As in the previous case, it is essential that you use one of guarantees. Do not trust the first clue that comes to mind, such as your name or date of birth. The best thing is that you can’t remember it.

good encryption

you should also check encryption of the Wi-Fi key that you have in your router. If you’re using outdated encryption, that’s almost like no password to a potential attacker who has the knowledge to exploit the vulnerability. For example, encryption such as WPA or WEP should be avoided.

It is best that you use WPA-3, which is the most recent, or use WPA-2 as long as you have everything well updated.

Router with WPA3 encryption

Firmware to the latest version

Just that, have everything updated, is another key point that you should check to see if the router is protected. On many occasions vulnerabilities can appear. If you don’t fix them, that can lead to an intruder gaining access to the device. You could change the settings or do whatever you wanted.

It depends on each model, but just as you can update the network card, you can also do it with the router in a very simple way.

You are not using an outdated router

In this case, what you should do is find out if the router model you are using is obsolete. You just have to search the Internet and see if it’s still getting security updates, if there are any known issues that allow an attacker to break in, or whatever.

In case you verify that you really use a router that is not reliable, what we advise you is to change it for another. Using a newer device will also help the connection work better.

You have unprotected devices connected

But you must not only watch security of the router itself, but also of other devices that you have connected. This is going to be very important so as not to take risks and so that an attacker can exploit the security of another device, such as a surveillance camera, television or anything else.

You should always check that those devices are up-to-date, well-protected, and don’t have any issues. It is a good option to protect the entire network.

You have never changed passwords

Of course, another point to check is if you have changed or not the passwords. You should never leave the keys that come from the factory. This applies to any device, but in this case we are talking about the router and Wi-Fi. If you have not changed the ones that come from the factory, you should do it as soon as possible.

Also, it’s a good idea to change them from time to time as well. This way you will avoid problems in case there was a vulnerability and you do not know it.

Guest network settings

You have a Wi-Fi network for guests? It’s a good idea for safety. Especially at times of the year like Christmas, when you can receive visitors, it is convenient to have a network prepared and thus avoid problems with your main network. You will not have to give the main password and have to change it later.

This guest network is simply activated or deactivated when you are interested. That will help you create a protective barrier and not have problems.

You use repeaters that can be dangerous

Using Wi-Fi repeaters is common for improve wireless connection. However, it is important that you keep in mind that you must protect them correctly. If you make a mistake with them, the network could be compromised.

Always use repeaters that are guaranteed, update them whenever possible and check that they are not misconfigured. That will help you prevent attacks.

Find out about the latest attacks on routers

Finally, you should be informed of possible attacks on routers. Sometimes vulnerabilities appear that affect a specific model or problems that require you to make a change.

This will also help you protect the network and prevent intruders. Beyond a complete revision to the configuration, it is also convenient to be informed of possible attacks.

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