Configure D-Link EAGLE PRO AI E15 repeater with any WiFi router

In the configuration wizard we can see that it consists of three steps, the first step is to connect the device to the backbone network of the WiFi router that we have at home, the second step is to configure the parameters to repeat the WiFi network with the SSID and password that we want Finally, we will have to configure a password for our device.

The Wi-Fi repeater will start to scan all the networks that we have around us, this process takes just 3 seconds, since the scan it performs is quite fast and will show us both the Wi-Fi networks of the 2.4GHz band and of the 5GHz band.

Now we have to choose a WiFi network to connect to, it is recommended that it be a 5GHz network in order to have a very fast trunk link, in this way, we can achieve high wireless and wired speeds when we connect to the Wi-Fi repeater . In order to connect to the 5GHz band of our router, it is absolutely necessary that it does not have the Smart Connect function enabled, that is, that it has a different SSID for each frequency band.

For example, the Movistar operator provides two Wi-Fi networks, the “normal” one and one “MOVISTAR_PLUS” which is the 5GHz band. However, other operators such as masmóvil have a single shared SSID for the two Wi-Fi frequency bands, in this case you would have to enter the router and “separate” the bands using two different SSIDs.

Once we choose the wireless network to which we are going to connect, we will have to enter the access password. This repeater supports both the WPA2-Personal protocol as well as the WPA3-Personal protocol, so we can connect to any wireless network with these security protocols.

Once we have connected to the main network, we now have to configure the extended network, that is, the repeated or extended network. In this case we have two options:

  • Clone existing WiFi network: We will create an access point with the same WiFi network name or SSID and its corresponding password, which is exactly the same as the one we use to connect to the main router. This is the operating mode that we recommend doing, because we will have a single Wi-Fi wireless network of the repeated network, so as not to have different networks and have to connect manually.
  • Do not clone WiFi network: If we don’t clone the existing network, we can put any name and password we want. It’s like we have a completely separate network. We will not have WiFi “roaming” to go from one AP to another, but we will have to make a manual connection every time we lose the connection of the main router or the repeater.

Once we have configured the WiFi wireless network, we will have to enter an access password for the administration of the repeater. It is recommended that this password be complex, since we can save it in a password manager. It is not recommended to put the same or similar PIN code that we have by default.

The password can contain any type of alphanumeric character, we can mix both letters, numbers and symbols without any problem.

As for the time zone, we have the possibility of modifying the time zone later, although by default it will automatically recognize it without us having to do anything at all.

Firmware updates are one of the most important aspects of any network device, because they not only correct malfunctions or security issues, but can also include new features. In the case of this repeater, we have the possibility to configure fully automatic updates. If we configure it this way, the repeater will update itself without us having to intervene.

In the final menu we will get a summary with all the settings made in this configuration wizard, once we click on “Finish”, the repeater will apply all the changes made and will restart automatically.

The restart process lasts approximately 90 seconds, as soon as this time passes, we will be able to connect via WiFi or cable to the repeater and we will already have access to the wireless network of the main router, and we will be repeating the signal correctly.

This universal WiFi repeater will allow us to expand coverage very easily, the configuration wizard is very easy to use and we can have this device up and running in less than 5 minutes.

You must remember that this repeater is only worth 60 euros, a really competitive price because it has Wi-Fi 6 at 5GHz and a Gigabit Ethernet port, in addition, it supports WiFi Mesh as long as you use an EAGLE PRO AI router, otherwise you will not have the WiFi roaming functionality with the 802.11k/v standard, but the rest of the options and possibilities.

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