Connection error when using Skype: how to avoid this problem

Why is the connection not working in Skype

If we see that Skype does not work we will wonder what the cause is. The truth is that there is no single problem, but different circumstances may appear that prevent us from connecting correctly. One of them, perhaps the most common, is that there is an error with our connection. Maybe we are connected by Wi-Fi and the signal is weak or that our equipment does not receive good speed.

It may also happen that the problem is at the software level. This usually happens when we install applications that are not official or we have them out of date. This can greatly affect the quality of the signal and prevent us from making a call with guarantees.

But it could even be some security app or VPN. This, although by itself it should not be a problem, sometimes they can cause connection cuts and not being able to access the servers. It is something that we must control.

What happens when there are connection failures in Skype? This generally results in poor call quality, continuous cuts when we make a video call or even the inability to connect. It is something that can appear at a specific moment but also that is continuous or permanent.

What to do if Skype won’t connect or malfunctions

In case we see that the Skype connection does not work, we can take into account several fundamental steps as we are going to describe. We must do this whenever we notice that something is wrong, either that the call or video call does not have good quality or that we are not directly able to connect.

Check the connection

The first thing we must do is check connection. There may be the main cause of problems with Skype. We must check that we get a good Internet speed and that the latency is low. The latter will be key for video calls, since if the latency or ping is excessive there would be a delay.

We must make sure we have a good connection, but it is not always possible. If we are connected by Wifi We can always make use of a repeater, Mesh systems or PLC devices. These devices will help us to have a significant improvement in connectivity.

Also, whenever possible it can be interesting connect by cable instead of over wireless networks. Stability is always going to be higher and we will reduce typical problems.

Do not use programs that are not official

Sometimes we find the possibility of installing programs that have certain improvements or features but are not official. This is a problem, since on the one hand we could be victims of a scam and that they have only been created to steal passwords or spy on us, but on the other hand they could seriously affect the operation and quality of the connection.

Therefore, our advice in this case is to only use the official Skype applications. This will save us problems and we will also make it work as well as possible. It is something that we must apply both on the computer and on the mobile. In addition, you always have to download them from reliable sources and make sure that they have not been modified by third parties.

Check that it is up to date

It may also happen that we have the program out of date. This can always cause major problems in connection and operation in general. If for example we have updated Windows, perhaps having Skype out of date can cause conflict and there are problems to achieve optimal speed.

We must always check that we have the latest version installed and in case it is not like that, install it. This is something that we must always take into account with any program that we use in our day to day and that has access to the network.

Verify that there is no malware

Are there any viruses or Trojans on the computer? This can certainly be the cause of connection errors when using Skype and other programs. We must verify that there is no malware on the system and, if so, remove it as soon as possible.

For this we can use a good antivirus. One of them is Windows Defender, which is already integrated into Windows systems. But we can also use other options such as Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Avast … At the end of the day the range of options is very wide and we only have to choose the one that best suits what we are looking for and protect the computer.

Are you using VPN or firewall?

Undoubtedly a common cause of connection problems in Skype is when using a VPN or firewall. What a VPN does is encrypt the connection and everything we send or receive goes through a kind of tunnel. For example NordVPN, ExpressVPN or ProtonVPN are some popular examples. But of course, when we talk about making a voice or video call, these programs can cause problems.

Something similar could happen if we use a firewall. It could be interfering with the connection and negatively affecting it. We must take it into account and try to avoid it. Therefore, it may be necessary to halt even momentarily the VPN or firewall. It is also important to verify that they are up to date and properly configured.

In short, if connection errors appear in Skype it may be due to a failure with our equipment, some malware, lack of update or even the program we use is not official. We have seen a series of steps we can take to make it work as well as possible and be able to make a voice or video call without being cut off.

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