Dany: psychology and party game can live together!

Dany comes in one box black and white small and square, heavy for the size, a lot minimalist, yet inside there is everything you need to baste a party game very interesting, funny and at the same time “serious” and a bit difficult too.

You players are gods personality in the head of Dany. Dany is the main personality of the game, the others are secondary personalities. Dany it is alone against all others. Dany he does not have to be discovered if he is to be the only personality a to survive and win!

The whole game is based on cards, there are 110, which are used for any action within the game, from calculating the scores to choosing the theme.

Dany and for 3-8 players aged 16 and over, the matches last approx 30 minutes, published by GRRRE Games, distributed in Italy by From the Tent (Flick of Faith, Bees), the author is Phil Vizcarro, the illustrator Antoine Baillargeau.

We were talking about the box

The 110 cards they are divided into 4 types:

  • 60 cards Memory
  • 37 cards Idea
  • 8 cards Personality
  • 5 cards Choice

They are all linen, large (8 × 12 cm.), Quite resistant.

Cards Memory are the focus of the game: they present illustrations always different that denote a frightening creativity of the illustrator, the aforementioned Antoine Baillargeau. They are all black and white, and represent the any in a kind of delirium dreamlike and surreal very themed with the game itself.

Cards Idea present 5 words that have a connection, sometimes clear (Hell, Sin) other times more veiled (Astronaut, Packing) between them, but this will be obvious once you put down the Memory cards, you have to listen to the reasoning of the other players to choose the right word.

Cards Choice, which you need to choose the word from the Idea card, have a rather particular recognition design: observing it carefully, they are nothing more than the numbers from one to five represented by a single line.

The regulation it is very clear, well written, with practical examples and with a useful reminder on the last page.

Play Dany

The game is asymmetrical, consequently a player will be Dany and the opponents the secondary personalities. So in a 5-player game take 4 secondary personality cards and the Dany card, shuffle them and deal them face down to the players so that everyone knows what his card is and doesn’t know the others.

Dany 3

Take 30 Memory cards, Choice cards and Idea cards and place them face down on the table.

The player whose turn it is, or active personality, turns over the first Idea card and reads the words. Shuffle the Choice cards, draw the first one and look at it without telling the other players the number: the number will be the word to guess. Finally, he draws the first 7 Memory cards, chooses the ones he wants to use and puts the discards back on the Memory deck face down.

At this point he must be able to arrange the cards on the table in order to do to guess the word to the other players. The cards can be used as desired as long as they remain on the playing surface. Once you have finished arranging the cards, the player on duty can no longer do anything (even on the rules they suggest to move away from the table so as not to influence the reasoning of others). Caution: the player who plays Dany he will make it doubtful the choice of the word to gain advantage in the victory!

The players watch the disposition cards and discuss which word they should choose. The player to the right of the current player is there dominant personality and has the final say on which idea is the right one. Once the reasoning and discussions are over, the dominant personality announces the word and the active personality reveals the word: if the word is correct the personalities get success, if it is wrong Dany gets success.

The game ends in three ways:

  • with 6 answers correct, personalities win;
  • with 3 answers wrong, we go to the Final Turn;
  • if they remain less of 7 Memory cards, you go to the Final Turn.

In the Final Turn the players argue about who he is Dany, then they count up to three and at the same time indicate the player who for them is Dany. The player who is most indicated reveals his card: if it is a personality card then Dany wins, otherwise the players win.


Dany we liked it a lot especially for the tones serious of the treated topic, for the simplicity of the rules and for the speed with which it can be initiated and explained.

If we want to go and search among the various games of this genre, it is a mix between Dixit and Imagine, with the traitor in addition.

There longevity it is quite high, the Idea cards are 37 and for each Idea card there are 5 words, so in theory you have 185 words to guess, also always draw different Memory cards: I would say that there is no danger of playing the same game twice .

Dany 1

L’age to play is high (16 years) and in my opinion there is everything, because in the Idea cards there are some series of words from adults (eg Eruption, Lonely Pleasure, Love, Seduction, Perversion) or a lot abstract (eg. Reasoning, Incomplete, Balance, Hope, Wisdom): very complex terms and concepts for younger kids.

You might find some downtime when the active personality finds himself with Memory cards that are very far from the word to be guessed, then he needs more time to organize the illustrations and choose the most appropriate ones for the word in play.

DanyUltimately, it is a very interesting, engaging, never boring game, easy to explain, quick to be able to play several games in the same evening, or just one if time is running out!

Dany Dal Tenda Review

Dany is a party game with serious and often adult tones, and more than the actual competition, the interesting part is the search for the right word through the use of the cards and entering the head of the player who “drew”.



Quick and easy to explain


Dany tends to win pretty easily

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