Detect if a page is reliable to buy

E-commerce has grown a lot

Undoubtedly, in recent years we have seen a very important increase in the e-commerce. If we look back, only a few years ago it was common among young people and there were not so many shops available. Everything was based on using the computer, buying and selling services, but it was not too widespread for all audiences.

Now we can say that all this has changed. Not only the fact that people of all ages make purchases online, but also from any device. Simply from the mobile we can enter sites such as Amazon or eBay and make our purchases with total security. Also when buying movie tickets, paying receipts, etc.

But of course, the fact that e-commerce has grown so much lately has also been taken advantage of by hackers. They can create pages fraudulent web, which pretend to be the original. They can also create trades that are fake. All this to steal personal data, passwords and, ultimately, put the safety of users at risk.

This makes it essential to know where to buy online. Knowing how to recognize if a site is a scam can save us from being upset. But it is also essential to use methods and tools to shop reliably on the Internet.

How to see if a website is reliable to buy

First of all we are going to explain how we can know if that website where we are going to buy a product is legit or not. It is important to avoid risks, avoid problems that may affect our devices and our privacy.

General aspect

Certainly something basic is the general appearance of that website. It is very important to observe the page, see what it is like, analyze the different sections. On many occasions, hackers create a web page that tries to imitate another official, legitimate one, but that in reality they have only made it to steal information.

For example, it is common to see a poorly translated website, with sections where the title does not correspond to what it offers, loaded with advertising or pop-ups, etc. Therefore, with a simple overview we can see if a website is trustworthy or could be a fraud.

See if the URL is encrypted

Is encrypted the domain from that website? This is very important. If we are going to buy something, it must be through an HTTPS page. Otherwise our data could be intercepted and payment information could even be stolen. It is essential to observe the URL and see that it is correctly encrypted. Today many browsers even alert us to it.

Look at company data

If a page is serious it should have information of that company. There has to be a section where we can see data about who is behind that site, their location, address, etc. Normally we can find this at the bottom. If we see that the site we are trying to buy from does not offer this information or is diffuse, it could be an insecure page.

Analyze payment methods

Another question to consider is to see what payment methods has. Normally, trustworthy pages allow you to pay with a bank card and platforms such as PayPal. In this way, in case of fraud it is easier to claim and not lose money. On the other hand, if the site is malicious and seeks to steal from users, they can request other methods, such as making a bank transfer to an account that is not even in our country.

Google search

Undoubtedly another way to know if a web page is safe to buy or not is by making a search in Google. There, with total security, we will find information from other users. Surely someone has bought before and has given their opinion in a forum or public site.

Tips for buying on the Internet safely

We have seen some methods to identify a possible unsafe website to buy. Now, how can we buy safely? We are also going to give some important tips for this, so as never to put our personal data at risk.

Always use secure networks

Of course, when buying anything online we must do it from secure networks. An example of insecurity would be a public Wi-Fi in a shopping center. We don’t really know who may be behind that network. We do not know if it has been designed to steal information and purchase data. Therefore, we advise bypass public Wi-Fi networks to buy online.

In a pinch, something we can take into account is to use a VPN. In this way our connections are encrypted and we prevent possible intruders from interfering. There are them for mobile devices and also for desktop computers.

Have security programs

Do we have a good antivirus installed? This is essential, although this alone is not enough. We must also take into account the possibility of using a firewall and other tools that protect transactions and prevent the entry of malware.

What to install to improve equipment security

Keep equipment updated

Another important point is to have the correctly updated systems. On many occasions, security problems appear that are exploited by hackers. Those vulnerabilities can affect us when we connect to the Internet. We can avoid it thanks to patches and updates.

Use reliable payment methods

You also have to take a good look at what payment method we are going to use to buy. We talked about it before and mentioned that platforms such as PayPal or bank cards can provide security. Our advice is to make use of reloadable cards, since that way we only put in the amount that we are going to spend and avoid problems.

Common sense

Of course something that can not be missing is the common sense. We must avoid making mistakes that could leave our data on a tray. For example, you do not have to buy through a third-party link that we have found in a social network, click on scams that come to us through platforms such as WhatsApp, etc.

In short, these are some important questions to take into account when we go to buy online. We must avoid doing it on pages that are not secure and always keep our data safe. Otherwise we could see how they steal personal information and compromise our equipment.

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