Development of online gambling: Industry Dynamics in 2022

Although there are increasingly more gamblers from all over the world joining the best norske casinosider in Norway each and every day, there is still room for improvement in the industry as a whole. One thing that will surely run the show is technology, as well as other important factors that we will be highlighting throughout this text.

We couldn’t get things started without mentioning the vital role our online casino expert, Nina Olsendburg played in our analysis, both in terms of research and in terms of the content itself.

Development of online gambling: Industry Dynamics in 2022

Now that we gave you a brief intro to the topic, let’s get things going!

The importance of technology and local jurisdictions for online casinos

The technological boom that affects different sectors of society has also changed the way online gambling is done. Online casinos that offer classic casino games are investing heavily in alternatives to make the simple act of gambling more and more real and fun.

However, a crucial point on the subject has always been the role played by local governments either for bad or for good regarding the online punting topic.

At this pace, local regulators are also moving towards a consensus over the online betting debate that highlights the importance of the gambling industry not only for the gamblers themselves, but also for a few governments, who are really leaving a considerable amount of money on the table by not making this activity legal, and thus, having an opportunity to collect taxes that can be converted into something greater in the future.

Countries like the USA and England manage to collect taxes in a market that in 2020 moved around 59.6 billion dollars according to data from multiple sources, including Gambling Capital.

From this scenario, specialists in betting and also in technology have sought to map what the future of betting will be, trying to identify the online casino trends in 2022 that could actually help casinos to foresee what’s coming, allowing them the possibility of better equipping their platforms in terms of technology, and also shaping themselves in order to fit in well with the regulations that are set to be created.

In this way, more assertive strategies should make this market even more attractive for those who already bet or for those who want to start gambling.

Improvement of Mobile experience should be a top-priority topic

Although more than 80% of the Earth’s population currently owns one or more smartphones, there is still room for improvements on the casinos’ side when it comes to the mobile experience they’ve been providing to online gamblers overall.

While some casinos have been offering poor apps in terms of performance, others have simply ignored not only the betting app, which shouldn’t even be that hard to develop these days, but also the overall mobile experience, and how these bookies perform on smartphones.

This is mostly a subject that should be a priority for the group of new online casinos, but the alert should go for the heavyweights of the industry as well, as there are always technology updates that should be performed from time to time.

Is AI set to run the online gambling industry as well?

Another tendency for the casino industry this year is the investment in AI technologies. AI has been around already for a while even within online casinos, but it seems like it’s still being overlooked by some operators.

That’s a terrible mistake, as AI can bring many benefits to casino providers and gamblers as the technology can make things way easier for both. Take a look down below in order to get to know the roles AI will be playing in the future in the casino industry:

  • AI can actually help gamblers to win more
  • Better odds in terms of profit for bookmakers will be made by AI
  • AI may also play a major role in fraud detection

These are only three aspects AI will actually help casino providers and gamblers in the very near future.


Finally, we can conclude that technology is set to, indeed, make things easier for all parties involved – online casinos, gamblers, and governments -. The best thing is that this exciting news is set to become more and more real in the year 2022, and the future looks promising.

These examples show that the online casino gambling industry is growing rapidly, moving billions around the world. These technologies can improve the overall betting experience, which will bring new gamblers to the global market.

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