Do not buy a WiFi repeater, this will improve your coverage

Better alternatives to a Wi-Fi repeater

A WIFI repeater It does not work miracles and if the distance to the router is excessive, you may have problems connecting. In addition, the speed will always be somewhat lower. Therefore, you can use a few different options that will really improve your connection and allow you to browse without problems.

mesh system

One of the options to improve coverage throughout the home is to use a Wi-Fi Mesh system. Unlike repeaters, this alternative is made up of multiple devices or satellites that connect to each other. Instead of each connecting to the router, in this case they will connect to each other.

With this you will make the connection go further. In addition, you are going to connect to the satellites depending on which one is better at each moment. This is useful to make the most of resources, have better coverage and prevent the dreaded outages from appearing. It is certainly an interesting option and a good alternative to using a wireless repeater.

There are many different models and you should pay attention to some aspects such as the number of satellites it has, whether it is dual band or not, the possibility of connecting via Gigabit Ethernet or the maximum speed it will reach.

PLC devices

The option of PLC devices is also very interesting. In this case they are two devices that connect to each other and serve to carry the connection through the electrical wiring. You will gain in stability, since you do not connect wirelessly to the router, which can cause you to lose signal.

What you do in this case is connect one of the two devices to the router and to electricity, while the other PLC you connect to an electrical outlet in another room, where you need to have Internet. Thus, the connection will go from one point to another in the house through the electrical cables.

You will find different options, both PLCs that only work via Wi-Fi, as well as others that allow you to connect via Ethernet cable. Take into account aspects such as the speed they support or if they are dual band.

Network cable installation

A third better option than using a Wi-Fi repeater is directly use ethernet network cable. Of course, this will not always be possible. However, if you can, it is a good idea to take the Internet to other places in the house without losing speed and signal quality. Very useful for connecting computers or televisions, for example.

This network cable can be connected directly to compatible equipment, but also to a second router or access point that will distribute the signal wirelessly. The goal is to have very good speed elsewhere in the house.

In short, as you can see, you can take the Internet from one place to another in the home with better alternatives than a repeater. In this way you can avoid annoying outages and problems that prevent your computer, mobile or any device from connecting to the network.

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