Do not do this if you are going to use a VPN to browse

Using a VPN is very common nowadays. They are very useful to improve security and privacy when using public Wi-Fi networks, but also to hide the real location and to be able to access restricted services. However, it is important not to make mistakes when using them. In this article we are going to talk about what not to do when installing a VPN and thus be able to improve performance and avoid security problems.

Avoid these mistakes when using a VPN

When we use a vpn the objective is to improve security and privacy, but also to make the Internet connection work well. Therefore, if we make a mistake, it can significantly affect performance. These tips that we are going to show you can come in handy to avoid problems.

Do not use any insecure VPN

The first and most important thing is not to use any VPN you see without knowing if it is really guaranteed or not. This is essential to protect your privacy and security. You must at all times install a program that is reliable, that encrypts your connection and that does not use your data for profit.

The free VPNs They are often insecure. They can collect your personal information and even sell it to third parties. It is a way they have to obtain income, but logically they put your privacy at risk. A VPN service can affect privacy.

Connect any server

If you are looking for it to work correctly, to have a good speed and not to appear cuts, you should not connect to any server. VPNs typically have multiple servers to which you will be able to connect. It will depend on which one you use, since some have more and others less.

Choosing one server or another can mean a significant change in the speed of the connection and also the quality. You can also choose which country you are going to connect to and that can mean clear differences in terms of quality.

Having the app out of date

Another mistake you shouldn’t make when using a VPN is keeping the outdated program. That can cause both performance and security issues. It is something that you should always apply to any application you use and always have the latest versions available.

In the case of a VPN, you should never use an outdated one, which may have vulnerabilities. Even if it is a reliable program, that you have used previously and that works well, there can always be bugs that can be exploited by intruders and compromise your data. Therefore, if you are going to use such a tool, make sure it is up to date.

Use a proxy or TOR

One more mistake that you should not make if you are going to use a VPN is to use a proxy or the browser TOR. It is true that both options sometimes serve as substitutes and allow to improve privacy and to be able to avoid geo-blocks. However, combining these tools is not a good idea.

You can run into speed issues if, for example, you use a VPN and the TOR browser at the same time. You may not be able to use certain functions or tools, such as streaming videos in high quality or starting a video call.

In short, if you are going to use a VPN you should avoid all of this that we have mentioned. In this way you will achieve optimal operation and no problems. It is essential to always achieve maximum speed and also have good security.

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