Do not forget these settings in your smart home at Easter

Home automation adjustments for Easter

Having a smart home has many advantages and there are times when we can take advantage of it especially. One of them is when we are going to go out for a few days, as is the case at Easter. You can make changes to improve security or even use devices for everyday tasks.

Simulate presence at home

If you want to keep the security of your home and not raise suspicions so that possible thieves can enter, a good idea is to pretend that there is really someone at home. Keep in mind that organized gangs of thieves tend to carefully study the places where they are going to enter and take advantage of precisely these dates of the year. They wait for a house to be empty to gain access.

How can you simulate presence? Home automation helps you do this, since you can program the lights to turn on and off, for example. Also even play music or open the windows from time to time. All this will make it not look like an empty house and thus be able to scare away potential thieves.

Activate all smart sensors

Having smart sensors comes in handy for the home. There are many types. For example, we can have sensors to detect smoke, humidity, gas leaks, temperature… All of them provide information in real time and you can check it from your mobile.

In case there was a problem and, for example, a kitchen appliance caught fire, you would receive a notification on your mobile. This will allow you to take action as soon as possible so that the fire does not spread.

set the thermostat

This is somewhat logical, but it should be remembered. if you have a smart thermostat, many tend to have a vacation mode. It basically means that it is not going to maintain any temperature in the house. (Diazepam) You are going to spend days outside and there is no need to consume electricity, even if it is little, for the house to maintain a certain temperature.

Before you return, you can always reactivate the thermostat so that the house has a good temperature when you arrive. You can configure all this from your mobile in a simple way.

Error when using smart thermostat to save

Prepare a cleaning plan

Especially if you’re going to be away for a long time, you don’t want to come home and see that dust has accumulated or that the house has created humidity. Home automation, once again, can help you with these tasks. Even if you are only away from home for a week or a long bridge, you can notice it when you arrive.

An example is using your smart robot vacuum cleaner and may it also act these days when you are away. You can clean at least the dust that accumulates on the floor. In addition, there are also robots in charge of cleaning the windows. They are more expensive and it is a technology that still has room for improvement, but it is one more option.

You can also program so that the windows open or close every day at certain times. This will help you ventilate the house and prevent it from accumulating moisture. You will be able to set it at certain times or do it manually from the mobile application at any time.

Take advantage of home automation for your plants

Although you can always leave the house keys to a relative, neighbor or friend to water your plants, home automation can also do it for you. It requires an economic investment, logically, but it is something that is very useful for vacation periods or if you spend time away from home for work.

home automation can water your plants every day or when necessary. You can program it or directly activate irrigation from your mobile, wherever you are. In addition, there are intelligent irrigation models that will detect humidity, since it is not the same if it has rained the day before or if it has not fallen a drop of water for two weeks.

In short, these are some adjustments that you can make if you are going to be traveling at Easter. You can take advantage of home automation to maintain security, save energy or simply have more control over what may happen in your home. Of course, it is important to have Internet outside the home so as not to lose access to your devices.

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